Sri Bhu Neela sametha Sri Vaikunthanatha Perumal with HH Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji


Devotee gains eyesight by reciting Dvaya Manthram! – Divine Experience by Sriman Venkatesh Rachapudi in his own words:

I am requesting you give us guidance so I can use this instrument( my body) for glorification of Sriman Narayana.
This is Venkatesh, you have shown extreme kindness and love towards me and gave samasrayanams in plainsboro nj, last year.

Even though samasrayams were not in your schedule. I think on that day 8 people took samasrayams.

Swamy I wanted to share this GOOD NEWS to you. Recently I lost EYESIGHT completely all of a sudden.
I was healthy completely. I had sever head ache and lost my eyes , doctors did all the tests , but they did not find any thing wrong with me. All reports came negative, but for some reason my optic nerves became inflated. Doctors are giving me steroids and did a procedure call Plasmapheresis ( to remove antibodies.
After that they came to me and said Venkatesh, we could remove antibodies from you, but gaining sight in your hands.

I was completely in surrendering to Narayana, I was listening to your Dwayamantram upanyasam and chanting dwayamantram, all the time,
Doctors are saying its miracle.

I am humbly requesting you to give us guidance so I can use this instrument( my body) for glorification of Sriman Narayana and use for better purposes.
Another good news is my wife and my kid have joined me from india. I attribute everything to Sriman Narayana, with the help of your blessings.

Jai Sriman Narayayana

Reply from Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji:
Jai srimannarayana Venkateshji!

We are excited to hear your story. This is a model for everybody to prove the strength of faith. The saying ‘faith moves mountains’ has been proved again.
Let everybody know and realize.

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