Certainly not. The Vedas refer to reincarnation. When one dies, the body is buried or cremated. But the Jiva is then given to another body, appropriate to his karma, so that he can enjoy Heaven or suffer in Hell and later return to this world in another body. Blessed souls,experience the limitless Bliss forever in Paramapadam. When one commits suicide,the present body is lost and the Jiva does not have another body ready to enter and enjoy Heaven or suffer in Hell or to return to this earth in another body. jiva has all the desires of senses to experience without a mortal body. He is tired but he cannot sleep.He is hungry but does not have a mouth to eat. He is suffocated like an individual whose nose and mouth are tightly closed and unable to breathe. This feeling continues till such time that another body is ready which could be a long time. Imagine, when we cannot tolerate suffocation for few seconds,how will it be when it lasts for months or years?

We are on a ship in the middle of the sea. The sea is rough and we experience sea sickness which at times is very severe. Just because we cannot tolerate the sea sickness. if we jump into the sea especially the one which is filled with sharks, what would happen to us? The answer is obvious. It is like jumping from a frying pan into fire. The alternative is worse. Suicide is like this. If one thinks suicide is an easier alternative, he is utterly mistaken as the suffering for him will be far greater than one can imagine.

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