On the 19th afternoon during the service of Lord Sri Rama at Divya Saketham, Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami spoke about the significance of the day and what happens at the temple.

Saketham is the name of the place that Sri Rama ruled for about 11,000 years back in Thretha Yuga. After about 11,000 years Sri Rama no longer graced that place. But, people did not forget him for this long time because of the most perfect humane qualities that touched lives and melted hearts. We want him with us forever. So, we have Divya Saketham (three-levelled temple) here with Sri Rama Chandra on ground level, and the deity he worshipped, Sri Ranganatha in second level, and the root from where Sri Ranganatha appeared, Paramapadanatha in third floor. He does not go anywhere from here. He is here for us and forever!

At Divya Saketham, Sriman Varadacharya Swami chants Rama’s story, an ever inspiring history, Ramayana every day. He completes the chanting of entire Ramayana every Punarvasu, i.e every 28 days. Today, he was honoured by Smt. Vasumati Bhaskar Rao and Smt. Sri Kumari Garu.

Sri Rama Pattabhishekam was therefore celebrated on this day under the divine presence of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami to remember the glory of that day in history. Remembering the great qualities of Rama has the power to turn people into softer, and loving with each other, a huge ‘need of the hour’ for the world!

About 500 little children and the staff of Nagarjuna School of Vanasthalipuram visited the temple on this day and were thrilled to have a conversation with Swamiji. Swami and the children spoke to each other on what is the need of a temple, what comes out of praying, why is it necessary to build a 216 feet statue of Bhagavad Ramanuja, and more! The children interacted with Swami very actively and it was clear that such an interaction will lead them long ways in the right direction with balanced minds, and loving hearts. Wishing them our very best.

–  Divya Saketham

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