16th May, 2016

Second Day – Morning Session
The Second day of Bramhosthavams started today with seva kalam and thirtha gosti by HH Swamiji.
Lord Rama majestically sat along with His consort on the elephant and went in a procession around the temple. Elephant represents ‘madam’. Everyone has 4 kinds of madams, ‘ahankarams’ – egos. Sheshathwa ahankaram – ‘I’ belong to Lord ego, Kathruthva ahankaram – “I’ did this ego, Bhokthruthva ahankaram – It is for ‘ME’, and Jnathruthva Ahankara – “I” know everything ego. These should be gone from our heart.
When Lord removes them and seats in our hearts, then we become a true devotee. Today’s vahana seva reminds us to get rid of our egos and place the Lord in our hearts. Also, today is a very pious day.
Srinivasa Kalyanam to Padmavathi devi was performed on this day – Vaisakha sukla dasami, purva phalguni is the day on which the Padmavathi kalyanam took place as per Venkatachala mahathmyam.
Later, hirumanjanam was performed to the Uthsava murthis and Sri Ranganattha ashtotthara puja was performed concluding the morning program with thirttha and prasada goshti.
In the afternoon, students performed beautifully in the JIVA auditorium. In the evening, after the purna:huthi in yajnasala,  thiruveedhi uthsavam started.  Lord Rama majestically sat on his beloved devotee Hanuman. Lord was brought to the Yagasala and seated in front of Sitha devi for ‘edurkolu’ ceremony. The program went on very well with scholars on either side of the groom and bride extolled on their greatness.  After the program, Lord was taken back to the temple admist drums and trumpets concluding the evening program with HH’s divine discourse on the role of Lord and Mother in our lives.



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