18th May, 2016

On the fourth day of Bramhothsavam, the program started with Veda vinnapam and thirttha goshti. Devotees from Vijayanagaram came along with Smt Janaki ji to the goshti. They collectively gave 2.5 kgs gold for the making of the Gold Ramanuja vigraham. HH blessed them for coming forward for this divine cause. The morning program concluded with Sri Ramanuja Ashtotthara puja, thi:rttha and prasada goshti.

Lord was taken on a Garuda Nakshathram in the evening. Lord was beautifully decorated and graced the devotees with Munnadi Seva and Pinnadi Seva.

Lord was taken on a procession on GARUDA VAHANA to ANANDA NILAYAM in JIVA campus.   A troop of young boys dressed as Vanaras came from Vijayawada and performed feats like monkeys. Ladies performed kolatam in front of the procession. A devotee dressed as Garuda moved among the devotees.
Finally the procession reached Ananda Vimanam. HH Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji and HH Ahobila Jeeyar Swamiji spoke about glory of Garuda:lwar and A:nanda Nilayam. The devotees were reminded about the 1000 pillars mandapam dismantle incidents @ Thirumala. In the service of the Lord Venkateswara, 8 lakh devotees wrote 11,000 crore times of “OM NAMO VENKATE:SA:YA” na:ma japam. All the NA:MA LE:KHANA PATHRAS were kept in this A:NANDA NILAYAM monument. Sriman Dr. J Rameswar Rao garu and Sri U.Ve. Sriman Krishnamacharya Swamy also delivered few words about the greatness of A:nanda Nilyam and Garuda:lwar. After the theertha Prasada Goshti Perumal came back to the Divya Sa:ke:them.

Thiruchi Vahana Seva – CLICK HERE FOR PHOTOS

Garuda Vahana Seva – CLICK HERE FOR PHOTOS

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