On the occassion of Hanumanth Jayanthi, Da:sa:njaneya Swamy in Saketha Rama Temple, was adorned with 50,000 vadas!

Special Abhisekha and Archana programs were performed under the supervision of Sri HH Swamiji, Sri Ahobilam Jeeyar Swmiji and Sri Devanath Jeeyar Swamiji.
Sriman Dr. Samudrala Venkata Ranga Ramanujacharya Swamy, excellently explained the greatness of Hanumantha.

Vada-mala kainkaryam was done by JIVA CEO and MyHome President Sriman Rameshwar Rao and his wife, Vikasatarangini Deputy President, Sriman Lakshmi Narasimha Rao, and his wife Vineela.

Several devotees participated in these events and had the divine darshan of Hanuman.

Hanuman, with mace in one hand, and a Rama Dhwajam in other looked splendorous that day – as if blessing devotees with victory! It was a feast to eyes of all devotees who were present in the temple for the celebrations.

Sriman Mithilesh Swamy, decorated Hanuman so beautifully that day. Several tiny tots – kids too participated in the celebrations by singing bhajans and songs on Hanuman. Some kids danced for Hanumath-Bhujanga Sthotram.
The children received lot of appreciations from the audience and in the end they received the blessings of HH Swamiji for their wonderful performance.