Sri Sri Sri Tridandi Chinna Jeeyar Swamy on his talk at ISCKON shared enlightening facts about the Idols we worship.

Lord is all pervasive and hence he can take the form of anything for the convenience and welfare of his devotee. He can assume any form and he abides by that form. Take Varaha or Matysa Avathara for example, he sticked to the form of avatara , yet saving the drowning humanity.

Similarly in kaliyuga, Lord took the avatara of an Idol. And many in still doubt if Swami is in there. Well of course yes! And how do we know? Read on to find out.

How the Lord changes the Rajas, Thamas to Satva Guna when we offer Naivedyam:

When a devotee comes forward with an offering to God, there is a certain feeling of superiority in the devotee about offering his food to the Lord. The moment you extend the Naivedyam and do Namaskara by bowing down, Lord extends his anugraham and the Naivedyam becomes Prasadam, thus purging out Rajas, Thamas Gunas.This is the best instance how even in his immobile forms Lord still looks after and declares his existence for the devotee!

– From the teachings of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami