Each one of us dream of attaining something, big or small. These dreams/goals drive our lives. They fall into four categories. The first category is physical or material gain for quenching the thirst of your body, needs of family and/or surroundings. The second category is to raise above human plane for superpowers. The third category is to attain knowledge of self. The fourth category is to attain the eternal bliss of togetherness with God. Take a minute and think about your goal/dream. What category does it fall into?

However, sometimes we compromise and give up before attaining our goal. There could be several reasons for quitting. Lack of time, decreased energy level due to ill-health, monetary issues, changed priorities, insufficient skills, disbelief in yourself or the means, lost interest etc. However you can overcome each one of these. 

Stay in continuous connect with God in the direction provided by an Acharya! The required energy will then be revived. Lost interest will then be refurbished. Health will then be recovered. Monetary support will be established. You will start believing in yourself.

Because, it is ultimately God alone who can erase the karmic load that is the cause of all such hurdles/blockers. Once you are relieved from it, you will be fully equipped with every necessary ability to attain your goals.

ఐహ లౌకికమైశ్వర్యము
స్వర్గాద్యం పారలౌకికం
కైవల్యం, భగవన్తం చ
మంత్రయా సాథయిష్యతి

Veda Vyasa states, “Be it material gain in this world or heavenly wealth in higher worlds, or self-realisation, or God Himself – mantra (ashtakshari) has the power to help you attain any of the above…”

Goda Devi’s goal was God Himself. She demonstrated her success with a step by step process defined in 30 pasurams, together called Thiruppavai. As part of 17th step, she speaks about the importance of Acharya, mantra, and the divine well-wishers in attaining her goal.

  • Nandagopa, the father of Krishna is represented as Acharya
  • Yasoda, the mother of Krishna is represented as Mantra
  • Balarama, the constant companion or Krishna is represented as the divine well-wisher

An acharya (nandagopa) is a benevolent and generous giver. He elevates the spiritual state of a true seeker with knowledge of Bramha and His qualities. He is always in the state of eternal bliss (nanda) with God, His form, His qualities, and His divine deeds. This knowledge transforms one from being a seeker to an able, humble and active participant in God’s mission. This service ultimately results in peace and joy for the soul. Acharya ensures that knowledge of God is protected (gopa) from those who are not sincere in their desire to know Him. 

How does serving God’s mission lead to peace and joy for the Soul?

When one leads life with knowledge attained from the wise, life becomes simple. Every activity is sanctified with clear prescription for contentment. Each moment is spent wisely. All activities are carried out with 100% effort. The agitation and pain resulting from ignorance is wiped away. It is replaced with pleasure and joy of God’s association and presence throughout onc’s journey.

Mantra is a tender and nurturing power. Her beauty lies in the wealth of wisdom she is. Her heart melts easily. Her power rests in the hands of an Acharya who bestows it to a seeker. Because, it is he who vows to protect the mantra from anyone who is not sincere in their desire to know God.


Divine well-wishers are those who are devoted to God and are in constant association with Him. They have similar abilities and qualities like that of God. One may confuse the divine well-wisher to be God because of how graceful and compassionate he/she is. But, the well-wisher gives the right direction of experiencing God’s abode: the nature itself (represented by Neela Devi).

bala rama

దైవాధీనం జగత్ సర్వం
మంత్రాధీనం దైవతం
తన్ మంత్రం బ్రాహ్మణాధీనం

God has the control over the entire existence. The power of God vests in the hands of a mantra. Mantra lies under the protection of an Acharya (one who has mastered the essence of Vedic scriptures)

Goda Devi approaches Nandagopa (the Acharya) and moves ahead in the direction set by him. If the highest of the goals (attaining blissful state with the Supreme) is attained through such a beautiful proven process. why not any other goal? Seek guidance from an Acharya, love God for He is the remover of all the blockers on your path. Such success of yours contributes to the well-being of your family, co-Workers, friends, society, nature, and the entire existence!

– From the discourse of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji
–  January 01 st , 2020

Watch Swamiji elaborate 17th pasuram of Thiruppavai 


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