God appears in different forms. Each form helps in some way or the other. Rama is the replica of humane qualities and if one worships His, that person develops humane qualities. Lord Krishna is the replica of divine qualities and to His
worshippers He blesses divine qualities. Lord Siva also several occasions sought the help of these incarnations. You can see that in Sri Ramayana, after the killing of Ravana. All the devathas appeared before Rama and one among was Lord
Siva, who praised Srirama as the saviour of the wise and punisher of wicked. We can see this in all most all the incarnations. People with no knowledge and having love towards Lord Siva, spread such wrong stories. One can definitely worship Lord Siva, at the same time, they should not create wrong stories against incarnations of Lord Vishnu. Somany big big people are trying to do this
in recent decades. Remember, Lord Rama & Krishna teach us as and how to face the problematic situations, yet how to maintain equilibrium. You may remember our githa jyothi, suthras ‘worship your own..respect all’. If this is understood, then there won’t be any wicked thoughts like this. =Chinnajeeyar=