Jai Srimannarayana!

According to Sri va:lmi:ki Ra:ma:yana, there is no mention about Sri:ra:ma’s worship to Lord Siva. Lord Siva appeared before Sri:ra:ma, after the death of Ra:vana, along with all the other De:vathas. And then Lord Siva praised Sri:ra:ma as the Ultimate Supreme Lord to all the Ji:vas. And there only, he suggested Sri:ra:ma to go back to Ayo:dhya and bless
the Bharatha and others for some time and come back to the Divine abode, when all the De:vathas requested Sri:ra:ma to come back to Divine Abode, because Ra:vana was killed. This shows the concern that Lord Siva has towards the Lord. That is all mentioned about him. It was Tulasi Das who made somany inter-polations about other dieties and also he made his own story about Srira:ma in his Ra:macharitha Ma:nasa book. He is the one who made the story of Ra:me:swaram in his book. But it is not authentic sofar as Ra:ma’s history is concerned.

We always treat Sri RA:MA:YANA as our ancient history and not just an epic or a pura:na. History means ‘that has to be accepted as it is without any changes or additions’. Sri RA:MA:YANA & SRIMATH MAHA:BHA:RATHA are our historic books, but not pura:na:s or epics. Sri Tulasidas also made mistakes in this regard. This made so many people to think about
Srira:ma’s worship to Lord Siva.

There is one place in Va:lmi:ki Ra:ma:yana, where the name”Maha:de:vaha” mentioned. People give the meaning to that word as Lord Siva, which is wrong there. The context is ‘Ra:ma returning from Lanka in the Pushpaka Vima:nam, along with Sitha and other subjects. Sri Ra:ma was explaining the events and places to Sitha from the areal view. While crossing
the Ocean, He was showing the bridge, constructed by the Va:naras and said how that was built and so on. When the flight reached the other end of the Sea, then He said “Athra pu:rvam Maha:de:vah prasadam akaro:th Prabhuhu” it means “O Sitha! when we wanted to cross the ocean, it was here only, Maha:de:vah= The God of Sea, Varunade:va, appeared and blessed us with the means as and how can we build the bridge”. Here the word Maha:de:vah is wrongly interpreted by somany. In fact, there was no Siva appeared during their sojourn to Lanka.

Some people say that after killing the Ra:vana, Ra:ma was possessed by Brahma Hatya Dosha ( A greater sin captures by killing a brahmin)and to get rid of that sin he consecrated the Siva Linga at Ra:me:swaram. This is again a false story created without any authority. If Ra:ma is captured by the sin, by killing a Demon, who did all non-sense, then no one
will dare to punish wicked. By punishing a wicked person, no one will be captured by sins. And Ra:ma never felt sorry for killing Ra:vana and He never wanted to do any Pra:yaschitta (purification act) for that act.

You may read Sri Va:lmi:ki Ra:ma:yana, whenever it is possible. You can take it granted any event, which goes in accordance with that only. If something goes against to that you need not ask anybody and think it is a story created by the writer according to his own wish.