Human life is beautiful because of the emotions we experience, primarily various forms of positive emotions such as happiness, love, excitement etc. It is so colourful that we are happily involved in absorbing and experiencing them to the fullest. BUT, no matter how much we desire the positive experience to stay permanent, it’s doesn’t stay with us forever.

We all know there is another side to these emotions – agony, fear, hatred, jealous, anger etc. Neither the cause nor the ability to control the cause is clear to us. If that is known, we would all be only happy forever, right? Let’s explore more into what causes these emotions and of any recommended means by scriptures to elevate us from this temporal cycle of pleasures and pains!

To help understand the content, it is presented in the form of a dialogue between two people. One is a realised scholar. Another is a commoner who is challenging the scholar, but may be deep within – he is a true aspirant, aiming to learn from the scholar.

The cause for fear, hatred, jealousy, anger etc is: You are imposing the experiences that your body feels on yourself. This imposition makes you react to the situations with all the negative emotions. 

My body and myself – how are they different? I am nothing but this body.

You and the body you are in – these two are different entities. You are the soul and are utilising this body temporarily. The body is your current vehicle in your journey.

This is the only life I have. There is no journey prior to this, nor anything after this. Let me live to the fullest. Who cares about what I should do and what I shouldn’t?

What you do and what you don’t do become karmic records written on your body at different levels (physical, sensory, mental, intellectual). The result of these records might lead you to a differently abled body such as ‘Surya’, ‘Indra’, or even low abled body such as ‘ant’, ‘fly’ etc.

That’s fine. I am ready to be a ‘fly’ or an ‘ant’. I will anyway not remember what I go through when I leave that body.

Okay! Then you don’t have to worry about anything else in this article. This is only for people whose aim is to elevate themselves from the cycle of births and deaths. Because, Human Body is THE only body that is a like a HUB which allows one to move upwards towards the permanent state of bliss.

Well, let me listen what you have to say. Let’s say I am different from body, even then – if fire burns my hand, I will still feel the pain. How can I feel separate from the body and not be impacted?

Prahlada is a child devotee of Lord Narayana. He was put through very critical situations that one cannot even imagine surviving from. One such situation included being thrown into fire and he survived!

Now, that is truly unbelievable. Is it possible and practical?

It is possible and practical. Prahlada is not a created character. He is part of our history that the entire mankind can be proud of. If one can do it, everyone else can aim for it too. It is all in the belief. If you believe in God sincerely and put all your efforts to realise His presence within you – you will automatically fall in Love with that great thatva. God then enables you to be as super powerful and extremely loving as He is.

How do I prepare myself for such state?

It is a twofold process:
-> Filter the tasks you do, and cleanse the way you perform the filtered tasks
-> Build a shield of solid knowledge around yourself so you are not shaken by external influences

Why should I filter certain tasks? How do I cleanse what I do? What is the shield of solid knowledge that you are talking about?

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From the discourse of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji, Dhanurmasam 2018, Morning Discourses

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