Understanding physical body requires one to learn several systems such as digestive, nervous, excretory, respiratory etc. What system do we study for understanding how jna:na, knowledge is stored, retrieved and it’s purpose? Jna:na is not an attribute of the body. Therefore, it is not part of the physical system that is perceivable through naked eye. It is an attribute of the a:thma, the soul. Hence, it is part of the spiritual system that is perceivable through upade:sa, teachings from sada:charyas, the practitioners of spiritual knowledge defined in Vedas!

The soul, that is ‘the self’ is in a physical body which has 101 exits. When soul is ready to take off from the current body, it exits through one of these 101 jnana na:dis, the knowledge nerves.

Which exit it takes is determined by the state of jna:na (the driving force behind each karma) in the soul. Depending on what body is suitable to experience the results of the karma, the soul is set in one of the 101 paths. The entire karma is in the backlog, and a portion of it is spent during each birth until it is all experienced.

Ultimately, the goal of the soul is to be free from the backlog of karma (i.e. ignorance free state) to reach one’s original state which is: eternally blissful, flawlessly knowledgeable, and happily ever submissive to Supreme power. This requires cleansing of jna:na at all levels (physical, sensory, mental, intellectual) AND then reaching the original state of the self.

An exit termed as Sushumna na:di puts the soul in that original state of the soul. Once the soul is set in its original state, the soul enjoys the loving company of the God and spends the rest in the divine service.

Are you ready for setting yourself to that Sushumna na:di exit? Here’s the catch though! 😊 Who owns the keys to those 101 exit gates?

It is not us who holds the keys to those exits. It is God, the Supreme soul who has the keys to all the exits. He unlocks the gate that best suits the soul in getting rid of the backlog of karmic records when the soul finishes the allocated experiences with the current body.

Does the soul (we) have any role in this whole process?

Yes! we can do whatever we like to do, pay the consequences of those actions – thereby continuing to go through those other 100 exits. All those 100 exits lead one to various bodies such as tree, fly, bird etc. But, if we want to come out of that 1 exit and relish your true permanent state, then realise (cleanse the jnana) that you are ONLY conditionally independent in this body and are in the control of Supreme power. Realise that God is available for supporting you in every single bit of your journey. Be thankful for his compassion that is ever ready to protect you when you call for it with genuine interest.

The cleansing of jna:na begins with rightly chosen food. Here’s why – Food shapes your thought. Your thoughts shape your actions. Your actions contribute to karma. Karma is recorded in the form of jna:na at multiple levels in your body – the physical, sensory, mental and intellectual.

Satvic food: Anything that does not disturb your natural course of action. (for example: grains, vegetables such as raw banana, local cucumber, beans etc)

Thamasic food: Anything that makes you dependant on it and addicted to it. (for example: coffee, alcohol, etc.)

Rajasic food: Anything that has been polluted with unwanted substance, it can be materialistic or attitudinal (for example: hair fallen by mistake or someone eyed the food with an evil intention)

[NOTE that food is one of the main contributors that impact our jna:na. But, the same applies to all the remaining sensory organs – touch, hear, see, smell .. ]

For complete explanation of what is right food – listen Here! (46th minute of the video)

– From the morning discourse of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji, Dhanurmasam 2019