With the mangalasasanams of Sri Sri Sri Tridandi Srimannarayana Ramanuja Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji, VT  Rajahmundry is planning for  Godavari pushkarams commencing from July 14th.  VT Rajamundry invites all Bhagavad bandhus for the festivity. Bramha yajnam along with Ishtis will be conducted.

VT President  Guptaji organized a meet at Rajahmundry to coordinate the efforts. Sreeman Vedaguru Madhuswami gave guidelines on how to conduct the yajna. Smt Vedavathi gaaru with her team of volunteers prepared 400kgs pickels for the occasion.Santhi sundaram bridge program cards for one avrutham were also distributed. Varmaji along with Bramara Lakshmiji and Ratnam garu took the lead.

Other News:

Smt Seetaratnam was helped by Rajamundry VT for free cataract operation at Gowthami Netralaya. VT is now planning to conduct Prajna classes. Prajna extended financial help of Rs.5000/- to T.Asritha who completed her Xth standard with 8.5 grade and is joining Intermediate with VT’s support. The amount was sponsored by Mr.M.V.V.Ramanujam.