Bhagavad Ramanuja is the Acharya incarnation of Lord’s divine serpent A:disesha, who was sent to this earth to uplift people by providing them right knowledge and easiest path to the grace of Lord – Sarana:gathi (Surrender). He revived ancient Vedic tradition & worship and established devotion towards Lord Srimannarayana in the world by propagating the message of the great devotees known as A:lvars. He travelled the length and breadth of India renovating & reforming temples by putting them into correct Vedic practices. He was the first person to advocate and allow ‘everyone’ for the darsan of The Lord in temples. He is the only one who was accepted by Lord Srimannarayana as His own acharya – A Great Matchless Honor!

Endless are the incidents in the chapters of Bhagavad Ramanuja’s life. It is impossible to record them all. However, here are a few of the divine incidents that eloquently testify the Greatness of Ramanuja:

1. Lord Ranganatha of Sri Ranga Kshetram declared Himself that all the riches of Sri Vaikunttham (Paramapadam) as well as all the riches of this materialistic world including of this earth, were placed at Ramanuja’s disposal.

2. Lord Srinivasa confirmed this divine grant (of Lord Ranganatha) by His holy word too. A milkmaid by name Tumbaiyur Kondi was supplying curd to Ramanuja. Once, when Ramanuja was on his way to Tirupati, the woman appeared and presented her bill for payment for the daily supply of curd. Ramanuja commanded Kidambi-Acchan to give her prasadam in the mutt. She ate and coming to Ramanuja, prostrated to him and submitted to him that she had a favor to ask. She said, “Holy sire, I desire not payment in money for the curd, but grant me Moksha instead!” Ramanuja replied, “That power I do not possess. Lord Srinivasa alone can grant your prayer.” Then, the woman said, “Kindly give me a written permit to take to Lord Venkateswara”. Ramanuja, overcome by her faith towards The Lord of Seven Hills, gave her the written permit. She, then immediately started to ascend the sacred hills of Tirumala. Hardly after climbing a distance, The Great Lord Srinivasa Himself met her on the way. Receiving the written permit of Ramanuja, The compassionate Lord Venkateswara gave her Moksha on the spot. Such was the greatness and respect to Bhagavad Ramanuja (given by The Lord of Tirumala Himself)

3. Lord Varadaraja of Kanchipuram proved the greatness of Ramanuja on two occassions:

The Lord appeared once in Yadavaprakasa’s dream and commanded that – The circumambulation of the world for a would-be sanyasi was accomplished by circumambulating around Ramanuja once.

The second occassion when Lord Varadaraja of Kachipuram proved the greatness of Ramanuja:

When hot debates on tatvam waged between Ramanuja and Yajnamurthi and the latter was scoring points for victory, The Lord Himself appeared in Ramanuja’s dream and suggested that certain Vedic passages could be quoted which would level the opponent to the ground, defeating him. As said by the Lord, the next morning, the opponent was thoroughly vanquished.

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