On the day of Guru Purnima, Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji spoke about key aspects such as the necessity and role of a guru in one’s life, how one can pay back to guru, pledge to take on the day of Guru Purnima, law of life (where He also addressed recent criticism on Sri Rama) and more!


Swamiji started off with an analogy…

One day, let’s say your mouth complained that stomach is taking in all the food even though it hasn’t worked for the food. Hands also voted for mouth and complained that they work so hard to fetch all kinds of tasty food, but stomach takes it all in without working for it. Legs also complained that they work hard to move the body around. All body parts seem to agree that stomach doesn’t work at all, it just takes everything in. They all decided to go on strike! Legs stopped moving. Hands stopped fetching food. Mouth stopped consuming and so on. This went on for a day, and they all started to notice that they have become weak.

Stomach said, ‘I convert all that you give me and pass it on to you in the form of energy. That enables you all to do your jobs. My job is different than yours. I may not be in direct contact with the external interfaces, but I work to aid you all in your jobs.’ All the parts felt bad for criticising the stomach, and understood its role and importance!

Such is the situation of our society these days! We are living under the impression that one sect is important over another, one race is better than another, one gender can dominate another, one religion can convert people to another, one caste is powerful than another, one party is greater than another. But, truth is everyone has their roles to play!

Keep playing your role to the fullest neither hurting anyone nor hampering the harmony of the society. This is the law of life. Recent criticism on Sri Rama Chandra is a pity! It hurts the harmony of society, it causes unwanted chaos. It reflected lack of maturity over history of the person. The criticism was not necessary!

You need not criticise anyone, need not convert one to another belief system, need not fight over supremacy. Just like every part of the body has its role to play, every being on the Earth has their own role to play.

No matter how different we may all be at the outer appearance or inner belief system, we all belong to one family from within. We are all connected to each other through the inner most support of life! Rise beyond these differences to bond with one another at that root level. You will then find no reason to get angry, no reason to criticise anyone, no reason to kill, no reason to fight, no reason to try and convert anyone to another faith! You can happily Worship your own and Respect all!


Guru not only shows the path to God but goes further to hand in God to you! That is huge! He works towards guiding you in finding the state of eternal bliss with the supreme power, God! Now, what can you give to pay back? We can never ever pay back anything equal to what Guru gives us. The way you lead our life on the basis of what the guru teaches you is the only thing what matters to him.

When every act of yours is driven by the outpouring love and gratitude towards your guru, only then your life becomes meaningful and purposeful!

First guru being ones mother, second guru being ones father, and then any other teacher of worldly skills, then the society itself and finally the utmost guru being God himself! However, teachings from God come from sources that one may not clearly grasp or perceive as His teachings.

But, a guru at spiritual level will be able to guide one through all the above levels. He leads us towards the truths of life, until one understands the core that constructs the existence and the purpose of life!


Let’s all pledge today that we bow down to the great Vedic wisdom and begin to learn any of the scriptures given by guru of all gurus, Veda Vyas ji! Try to learn them from your guru so that the knowledge blossoms pleasantly!

Though Sunlight is essential for a lotus to blossom, it remains that way only if it stays in the pond with water. If the same lotus jumps out of the pond assuming that Sun alone is enough, the same Sun withers it! Likewise, Guru’s grace is essential to help one blossom in the love of God!

కమలం జలాదపేతం శోషయతి రవి: న తోషయతి

– From the discourse of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami, Guru Purnima, 2018

Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji is in Chaturmasa deeksha beginning the 27th July 2018. It started with

  • Vishwaksena aaradhana,
  • Punyahavaachanam,
  • Mruthsangrahanam (obtaining putta mannu as it is contains the essence of earth element, seeking permission from Varaha Lakshmi Narasimha Swami as He is considered the owner and protector of mother Earth)
  • also inviting Moon into the kalasam for ensuring the goals set in the heart are strengthened with Moon’s power! 

From the time Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji vowed to monkhood, He spent every moment as a vrat (selfless and submitting every act to God righteously). But, these specific 4 months are observed by staying at one place and taking time to learn the teachings of purvacharyas. This charges one for the rest of the 8 months in leading life as prescribed by purvaacharyas, the lineage of acharyas! Don’t miss paying respects to such a seer in these times (8:30am to 10:00am at JIVA auditorium)!