What is in the Sami tree that leads one to success? Did Venkateswara Swami also pray to Sami tree?Yes, it is said in VenkatachalaIthihasamala, VenkatachalaMa:ha:tmyam (the history of Venkateswara Swami) and Varaha Puranam that He prayed to the Sami tree prior to marrying Padmavati Devi. Pandavas also prayed to Sami tree prior to the war with Kouravas.

Can prayers to the tree yield success? It depends on how we perceive the tree. If we can see only the physical aspects of the tree such as the trunk and leaves, then the resultant effect of the tree on us will be limited. If we perceive the tree to be the divine mother of the entire existence, we will recognise that Her power is slowly taking away our weaknesses/shortcomings! Divine mother has the power to support oneovercome their weakness, thereby paving path towards success.

Let’s see how – when we notice elderly leave their bodies or many others leaving us in truly miserable ways, we all can feel that this body is not something that is permanent. What is permanent then? We generally want to be associated with something that is permanent than with something that is temporary. That is exactly what the divine mother will support us with!

She takes away the weaknesses, then the mind begins to have clarity on the goal and journey of the life. Sri Venkateswara Swami shows that it is with the support of the divine mother that He carries out His task of protecting us all in a much more pleasant manner. Otherwise, we all would be children of a house where father is being too strict to demand good behaviour from us. The mediator and the embodiment of love, the divine mother works with the ignorance of the child and the supremacy of the God and ease the gap between us and God.

God also is extremely thankful, happy for the company of the divine mother.That is why, He enjoys journey after offering His gratitude to the mother Lakshmi who is in the form of Sami tree.

– From the discourse of Sri ChinnaJeeyarSwamiji, 18th October 2018, Vijayawada

The power and presence of the divine couple is not limited to a tree or a deity, it exists everywhere including within us. However, when one cannot perceive the presence of that power in people and nature around us, then the one’s devotion towards the unseen form of God remains incomplete!

Hence our culture gets us to worship a tree, a deity, nature, mother, father, guests etc in one way or another throughout the year in form of festivals and other rituals. There is a physical course of action during these events with a foundation/base of spiritual knowledge to encompass the complete sense in every action.

May this wonderful Vedic culture spread the joy of true knowledge and bliss throughout the world for ages!

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