Vedas are the set of mega-manuals which contain rules governing the entire existence. God asked Brahma to own the task of creation using these manuals. At times, he lost them due to negligence and lack of focus on the task. Every time he lost them, he sought refugee of God and recovered them.

There was one time when God took the form of Hayagriva and helped him recover them. Hayagriva imparted strong focus level and solid memory power in Brahma’s head. Brahma never lost the Vedas since then.

That is why, sages recommend that we all also take the route of Brahma and worship Hayagriva as the giver ultimate knowledge in firm form. Hayagriva is horse-faced with human body. The sound made by horse represents sama ve:da. The sound is called Hesha, and is known to alleviate one from many questions lingering in one’s head thereby giving ample opportunities to learn further.

The other great sources of knowledge such as Ganesha, Saraswati, Shanmukha, Parama Siva are all seekers of wisdom from Lord Haygriva himself!


The 5th skanda of Bhagavatham mentions that there is a time and place where everyone worships supreme power God in the form of Hayagirva using the following mantra:

O:m namo: bhagavathe: dharma:ya aathma visho:dhanaaya !

Anyone who seeks good knowledge / wisdom to grow spiritually or intellectually must seek support of Hayagriva and then begin their journey. When one takes such divine route, the resultant is beneficial to not just the seeker, but also the entire community.

– From the discourse of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji
– 14th August 2019


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