HH Bharathi Theertha Swamy of Sarada Peetham, cordially invited all the Swamijis.

HH Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji narrated about the role played by Srungeri Founders like Vidyaranya Swamy, when the nation was in crisis. We may be practicing and preaching different Siddanthas of Vedic Dharma. Yet, we are all one when it comes to Nation’s need. Desa Dharma & Jathi Dharma are our prime concerns. Let all devotees understand this. Sri Srungeri Maha Swami reciprocated the concerns with similar interest.

Peshawar Swamy was supporting the discussion with necessary inputs & Sri PVRK Prasad, IAS, who organized the meet was translating the discussion to Peshawar Swamiji. Present conditions of our Indians and the need of a single voice of Swamijis was discussed in detail.

Sriman Surendra Babu of Sathyanveshana Mandali, was providing all needed content from his in depth research and about the need of the day.


HH Sri Subudhendra Swamy of Manthralaya, Raghavendra Mattam, was also invited for the Meet and He, joined within no time after the discussion was initiated.  Good number of scholars were also present adding their inputs, wherever it was necessary.

Sriman PVRK Prasadji, stressed the need of educating the people of Bharath by all Swamijis with an authentic, single and powerful tone that they have the blessings of Swamijis for their all kinds of spiritual needs.

HH Bharathi Thirtha Swamiji whole heartedly accepted the need of the day and expressed his concern over that. He declared that his support and blessings are there in 100% for keeping up our society in Unity.

Sriman Surendra Babu, provided all the necessary documents as prepared by him after a thorough study. He also expressed his readiness to submit any other information necessary about the current situation of common man in the society, to remain as a Hindu.

Sriman Madhu Swamy offered fruits, vasthras etc., to all the 3 Swamys on behalf of the organizers. 

It was really cordial moment to see that all the 4 Swamijis were exchanging their concerns for the Dharma Rakshana, along with responsible organizers like Sri Surendra Babu and PVRK Prasad, and the Srikaryam of the Srungeri Mutt Sriman Gowri Sankarji.

Sri Peshawar Swamiji, was explaining about his Paryayam at Udipi Kshethram, which is going to be commenced from 18th of January, 2016, for 2 years, during which he will taking care of the Kshethram, not going anywhere.

HH Srungeri Swamiji presented a few books published from their Samsthanam. HH Chinnajeeyar Swamiji also presented some Vedic Books published from our JET.— at Sringeri Sharada Peetham,Sringeri.



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