Jai Srimannarayana!

Under the aegis of HH Swamiji and HH Devanatha Jeeyar Swamiji, Godavari Pushkara Prayuktha Brahma Yajnam 3rd day celebrations went well. Being Sunday thousands of people thronged to the sacred place of Bramha Yajnam, felt blessed to take theertham from HH Swamiji and had Pushkara Snanam along with HH Swamiji. In the evening Telangana State ministers Smn. Harish Rao Garu and Smn. Eetala Rajendra Garu visited HH Swamiji and joined to worship the Sacred River Godavari with all respect followed by Ha:rathi. All the government officials also followed the same. HH Swamiji showered a special mangalasasanams to all of them.

Bramha Yajna Photos.. CLICK HERE