On 20th July , 2015 , 3rd  Day of Bramha Yajna started at S.K.V.T grounds @ Rajamahendri  with Pra:taha:radhana, Pra:taha Se:va Ka:lam and Thi:rtha go:sti . Later HH Ahobila Swamiji chanted Sa:nthi Pa:tam along with vedic scholars, Veda Vinnapams were also chanted following the Sa:nthi Pa:tam. The Bramha Yajna started and meanwhile Go:puja was done by HH Ahobila swamiji ,which was followed by S:anthi Sundaram Pa:ra:yanam. Vaibhava Ishti is also done along with Samoohika Ko:ti Kumkuma:rchana. And the Bramha Yajna concluded with Kumbha Prokshana and Maha: Pu:rnahuthi. After that, Prasada go:sti (Thadiya:ra:dhana) was conducted.

In the evening HH Ahobila Swamiji conducted U:njala Se:va and Sahasra deepa:lankarana Seva for Sri Rangana:tha perumal. Panditha Sabhas  were conducted by HH Ahobila Swamiji along  with Vedic Scholars namely  Sriman Ubhaya Vedantha Acharya Ramanuja Acharya Swamy, Sriman Ubhaya Vedantha Acharya Bhaktha Vathsala Swamy. A Classical dance Program on  Ka:la:mrutha Nakshathra Cha:rithrika Vaibhavam was performed by Radha Krishna Academy @ Doweleshwaram which was choreographed by Smt. Jaya Sri garu.  Smt. Pavithra garu , Washington D.C, volunteer of VT had a visit to Bramha Yagna and took mangala:sa:sanams from HH Ahobila Swamiji.




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