March 9th, 2009, Houston, Texas

Sriman Bangar Reddy and Mrs. Manjula Aaloori, members of our JET Houston family, recently celebrated the Birthday function of their two daughters Divya(9) and Yasodhara(1) in a wonderful and peculiar way!

Smn. Bangarji couple are serving JET USA Inc. organization since 4 years and they educated their children also in such a way that they can also take part of the service activities at this very tender age itself. So they planned the birthday celebration in such a way they can serve the society. They arranged the Birthday party in India House at Houston and arranged all sorts of fun for kids including a magic show where kids enjoyed a lot.

Divya(9) inspired by her parents, instead of opting for gifts from Guests on her birthday, requested the Guests to give donation to help VTSeva school for Tribals and school for Blind in India. By doing so she raised $3286.00 for that purpose. She felt very happy to celebrate her birthday for a noble cause.

She called her Grand Ma in India to say that she has collected money to help the small tribal students and blind students in India and she was so happy of sharing her joy with those children.

Sriman Bangar Reddy says, “charity should start from our Home. The parents of VTSeva should inculcate in our children the philanthropic element within and let children feel the joy of sharing and giving to other children who are less fortunate”.

Let us all work towards the vision of our Acharya Sri Sri Sri Chinnajeeyar Swamiji of “serving the needy is our privilege”.

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