H.H was invited as a Key note speaker to address Project Management Professionals for their PMI 2014 National Conference at Pearl Cycle – Hyderabad ;  The topic “Keynote Session: Project Management – Service to Man as Service to God “ . 


Here is summary and excerpts from the speech.

Lot of “Smart Work” and “Hard Work” goes into a project from organizations using many tools and technologies to make a project successful. The Payoff expected in such projects could be fame / name, bonus, salaries, accolades  etc. Yet we hear that success rates are low.

Whereas the success rate of projects executed from home – be it a child’s wedding, a birthday party or any other function has a higher success rate and results in immense satisfaction, joy , ecstasy .  If you analyze the reasons, the prominent reasons are “Heart Work” and “Soul Work”    put in by people of various areas to ensure that their daughter / son are happy. We believe Heart and Soul put-in here has made the significant difference, we call such work as Spirituality.

H H advised that; putting heart and soul besides skills and brain should be considered to improve success of the project and take our nation to great heights while ensuring the best quality in everything we do.

HH Shared experiences of NetraVidyalaya and Tribal Schools projects which are executed with people who came forward by putting their heart and soul besides money, skill and brain to see happy students.  Short videos were shared covering umbrella of services done under Jeeyar Educational Trust. There was a huge applaud from the spell bounded professionals.

Later on HH talked about why we shouldn’t limit our services to the “Man” alone, specially, the one who pollutes water, air and environment where as all other beings help protect Mother Earth.  H.H stressed that it’s not an option but mandatory to “serve all beings”, otherwise it can bring imbalance to the nature and man won’t survive long.

Swamiji said, this great learning of “Serve all beings as service to god” is taken from the great Acharya – Sri Ramanuja . who took Harijans along with him to temple in the  days when they are banned to even pass through that street.  And the great Ramanuja’s  willingness to go to “hell” for sharing the sacred mantra with everyone was also shared with audience.  Later Swamiji talked about Millennium celebrations of 2017 which starts with a  1000 inch (216 ft) statue at JIVA campus.

In a gist, HH said, the “mantra” is to take out “T” from ManagemenT which causes tension / stress / pressure so that you “Manage Men” with Heart!!!!  to lead a “T”ension / Stress free project execution  – while addressing the MSNBC press.

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