The ‘vidya / learning’ received on this day of Sravana Pu:rnima is historically proven to be retained forever ! It was none other than ‘Chathurmukha Bramha’ who misplaced the Vedas several times. Lord SrimanNarayana took the form of ‘Swan’, ‘Fish’ etc to get the Vedas back to him. There was one time when Lord took the form of ‘Hayagri:va’ to give him back the stolen Vedas. From then on, Bramha did not lose them ever again.
jna:na:nanda mayam de:vam nirmala sphatika:kruthim
a:dha:ram sarva vidya:na:m hayagri:vamupa:smahe: ||
What is the source of water ? Is it the sky, the rain.. ? No, it is the oceans and seas ! Just like seas and oceans are the source of any water droplet, the source of any sparkle of knowledge is THE VEDAS. Lord Hayagri:va is the protector of such Vedas, hence the spotless crystal clear form of this Lord is reflecting the joy of knowledge..
disanthu me: de:va sada: thva:di:ya:h daya:tharanga:nu chara:h kata:ksha:h
sro:thre:shu pumsa:m amrutham ksharanthi:m sarasvathi:m samsritha ka:madhe:num
Imagine drinking nectar that makes you say ‘aaah..’, your taste buds on the tongue relish it ! right ? Similarly, when you speak to someone, your words should make your ears and heart relish the person..! A word that not only gives happiness to the people around but also does good to them. Let Saraswathi give you the skills and heart to speak in such sweet way. Ka:madhe:nu is the name of a cow that gives plenty of great things, let us be filled with good words in plenty like that of what Ka:madhe:nu gives.
Thus, our Sri Sri Sri Tridandi Srimannarayana Ramanuja Chinna Jeeyar Swami wished all the students the very best on this day for getting the strength mentally to retain what we learn AND speak in a way to not only please people but also do them some good !
‘Sri Swami ji’s blessings themselves carry a power that is amazingly unique and strong..’ – says a devotee to another after the discourse !!