Jai Srimannarayana Dear Bhagawad Bandhus

Today is the last Friday of  Sra:vana month.  We are celebrating Sra:vana Sukravarams by doing Abhishe:kam to Mother Lakshmi De:vi and offering prayers with Vedic manthras and conducting Sri Yagam. This Friday is very special as Mother graced us with another divine event i.e. Sri Si:tha Ra:ma Kalyanam.

We started cha:thurma:ksha di:ksha with pravachans on Vedartha Sangraham.  But miraculously, Lord Rama wanted to listen to Ramayana. It was Lord’s sankalapam. Lord created that sankalpam in Sriman Murali Krishna’s mind and he expressed his wish to do punarvasu parayanam in the presence of the Lord in the temple. We also thought that it would be good for us to join and do the parayanam when we heard Sri Murali Krishna’s wish.  It is only because of Lord’s divine sankalpam that the parayanam started. Incidentally, we even celebrated Pedda Jeeyar Swamiji’s thirunakshathram this month and got HH’s blessings for the parayanam.

Surprisingly the parayanam concluded on a Sravana month – Friday, which shows the grace of Mother. We are celebrating Friday Lakshmi puja, Sitharama Kalyanam, Pattabhishekam, Sriyagam etc. today itself which is very special. Punarvasu star could come on any other day, but surprisingly it occurred today which clearly shows Mother’s wish.

A:lwar says ‘vini vayu kenru ka:ppa:raar’ – when Lord’s grace falls on us like a huge flood – as a tsunami, who can stop it? Thus Punarvasu parayanam, Mother’s Friday puja, Sriyagam etc are all like a huge flood of grace drenching us with Their blessings. As if not satisfied, Goda devi from Srivilliputtur, Emberumanar from Tirukkotiyur, Sundarabahu swamy from Tirumalirum Solai bundled their grace and sent through Sriman Madhavan Swamy today! Isn’t it surprising?

Frankly speaking we cannot visit all places. Perhaps we might be able to visit one or two.  Even if we visit and have darsan, there is no guarantee that we get that direct anugraham from that Perumal. We can surely see the Lord, offer our prayers and we can come back. But getting Perumal Mala, Sesha Vastram, the cloth that Perumal wore during abhishekam (Era va:dai) – all these are very rare and we cannot get them easily.

Madhavan Swamy became instrumental in bring the grace of Lord and Mother to us without the hassle of going there. The cloth worn by Mother during abhishekam, the Srichurnam Mother wore, all came today through Madhavan Swamy.

It is surprising that they all came today just like Si:ta devi said – ‘naram sriya: jushtam ihopa jeevinah’. Someone may be obscure and unnoticed by anyone till today but suddenly if he possesses wealth or position or power suddenly, he will become an important person. People who ignored will be respecting him. It is due to Mother’s grace on him.

When Si:tha was in Lanka, she was in deep pain and crying for Lord. Hanuman was sitting on the Simsupa tree and was about to talk to her. Then, she experienced many good omens one after the other such as a bird’s song indicating favor for her, her left eye twitched a little indicating something good is forthcoming, her left shoulder and left thigh twitched a little indicating something auspicious will happen to her. They all indicated that Lord Rama might come soon. When they all happened at once, she was overwhelmed.

Lanka was beyond anyone’s reach  – it was an island surrounded by sea of 100 yojanas wide filled with terrifying sea creatures. The city itself was fortified with very secure boundaries. The place was full of demons, a place no one dared to enter. In such a place, how come so many good omens can happen at once? She was doubtful.

Then, all of a sudden she heard the story of Lord Rama. She wondered from where the song came from. Was it her dream, or was it a hallucination in the mind, – she searched all around, on her lap, on her body, then Hanuman came down and showed himself to Si:tha and gave Ra:ma’s information to her.  Similarly, today on this 22nd of August all the auspicious events are happening with the grace of Mother  – like Sriyagam, Sitarama Kalyanam, Sriram Pattabhishekam etc. all are being celebrated today.

Our mangalasanams to you all on this very special day!


Sri Rama Kalyanam, Pattabhishekam and Sriyagam Celebrations

Jai Srimannarayana

Today is the last Friday of Sra:vana month. Mother Sithadevi and Goda Devi received thirumanjanam and adorned new silk vastrams. HH performed Lakshmi puja. Blessing devotees on the occasion, HH described how special this Friday was.

After thirttha and prasa:da ghosti, Lord and Mothers were taken on a palinquin to the main stage. Sriyagam and Kalyanam were performed simultaneously. Devotees participated in large numbers.
HH handed the Sita Rama Perumal to the participants and guided them to perform the kalyanam themselves.
Chiranjeevi Malavika rendered beautiful songs.  Sriman U. Ve Ranga Ramanuja Swami blessed the devotees with wise words and Devanath Jeeyar Swamy explained how this day became special because of presence of our Acharya HH Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji.
Thirukosttiyur Madhavan Swamy made the event even more divine by bringing the blessings from Srivilliputtur, Ghostipuram and Thirumalinzolai.
HH honored Sriman Murali Krishna for becoming instrumental in conducting
the Ramayana Parayana with divya desams prasadam.
After the kalyanam and purna:huthi, HH sprinkled holy water on all the devotees. HH honored all the volunteers for conducting this event and blessed each and every devotee with prasadam and akshathas.
Jai Srimannaryana

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seshi kumari
seshi kumari

we are very happy(about 50 members ) 0f our satsung


JAI Srimannarayana !

Pleased to know more importance of August 22nd 2014, the last Friday of Saravana masam .


Our acharya needs some rest after this hectic events

Jai Srimannarayana


Jai Srimannarayana,

Is there any chance our Jeeyar Swamy to continue the Vedartha Sangraham pravachanams as they are totally beautiful. Not to trouble our dear acharya but if possible may be ?

Srimathe Ramanujaya namaha