Oct 8 2009 – HH Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji arrives in New Jersey, USA

HH Sri Swamiji and Parivaram arrived at 5AM at the Liberty International Airport, Newark. About 50 devotees welcomed HH Sri Swamiji and to obtain his blessings. It was a divine experience at the airport terminal to have the first glimpse of Sri Swamiji of this visit and parivaram started to proceed to the Jeeyar Asramam in Cranbury, NJ and were accompanied by all devotees who went to the airport.

HH Sri Swamiji spent couple of hours talking to the devotees about the Chaturmasyam activities and mentioned about the devastating floods in Andhra Pradesh. HH also explained our VT volunteers were making progress in serving the flood victims. They are planning to distribute about 10,000 survival packs. HH reviewed the day’s schedule and wanted to meet all the Prajna teachers in the evening.

After the Teertha goshti, HH Sri Swamiji visited The Cancer Institute of New Jersey organized by Dr. Vasudeva Ginjala, a research scientist. Many research scientists of the institute gave a warm welcome to HH Sri Swamiji. HH explained our VTseva organization in USA and in India. HH gave very detailed description of VT activities focusing on Cancer awareness program and other health related services. Everybody appreciated organization’s volunteer efforts to uplift the society. The scientists explained the fundamental research they are doing and discussed the practical applications. HH surprised those scientists by asking them detailed questions based on the Vedic knowledge. He also gave them ideas on research topics that will be useful to the society. Dr. Ginjala garu demonstrated their research topics by showing the cell division, dissecting the nucleus etc.

Evening, HH met Prajna teachers from NJ, Atlanta, and Cary and Houston. HH released the Prajna module 1 books. HH explained the concepts behind the preparation the book, work book, teacher notes. He also demonstrated how to teach children with that material by explaining two slokams. Everybody felt that there is lot more to learn and teach. HH instructed Sriman Surendra Swamy to help the teachers by reviewing their teaching methods. HH gave the books to all Module 1 teachers.

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