HH Sri Swamiji’s Visit to Singapore:

HH Sri Swamiji and the group was received by a group of devotees at Changi Airport Singapore. Dr. BVR Chowdaryji, Sriman Varmaji, Sriman Naguji. Incidentally Sriman Jonnaviththula Rao is also there and greeting Sri Swamiji with his wonderful Telugu Poems. The devotee group requested and took Sri Swamiji and the group to visit the UNDER WATER WORLD and the DOLPHIN SHOW.

In a programme organised by the Telugu Association Singapore and the Hindu Endowments Board, HH Sri Swamiji graced a discourse on “THE ESSENCE OF BHAGAVADGITHA” on 12th Aug and the next day HH blessed one and all with the discourse on ” SRI VENKATESWARA VAIBHAVAM” . The devotees were excited to listen to these messages and many were awestruck at the lucid explanation and the depth of the subject and the authenticity. HH Sri Swamiji answered to the questions of some of the devotees.

On 13th evening, HH Sri Swamiji and the group reached Hyderabad. From the airport, HH Sri Swamiji left to Nadigaddapalem to participate in the 100th Thirunakshathram Celebrations of HH Sri Pedda Jeeyar Swamiji.

HH Sri Swamiji is going to start Chathurmasya Diksha at Samshabad Hyderabad.