24th Oct 2016

Bramha yajnam is a fire sacrifice performed for Bramha who is the creator of the entire universe. The four-headed Bramha is constantly chanting the four Vedas, namely Rg, Yajur, Sa:ma and Atharva. In the same fashion this yajnam is performed twice daily and vedic scholars chant manthras from all the 4 vedas during pu:rnahuthi. Bramha Yajnam was initiated by Periya Jeeyar Swamiji during Krishna river pushkara. And since then HH Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji has been performing Bramha yajnam for peace and prosperity for all devotees.

This yajnam is not only performed for Bramha but also to worship the 108 Divya Desams. This has been specifically done on the instructions of HH Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji to provide special blessings from all 108 divya vighras for the participating devotees.  The deities from each Divya Desams are invited to enter into the 108 kalasha and worshipped (Kalasha A:ra:dhana) daily during the yajnam. By taking parikrama of the ya:ga sha:la itself is just like visiting each Divya Desam.

During the yajnam, Gau Pooja is performed every morning. Along with gau Pooja and gau da:nam, Teertha Ghoshti, Haarathi, Kalasha A:ra:dhana and yajnam pu:rana:huthi are performed daily in Ya:ga sha:la.

On the first day of yajnam a lot of devotees were blessed by vedic scholars such as  Sri Dattha Bala Vijayananda Thirtha Swamiji of Dattha Peetham, Mysore who came to bless the auspicious event and wish swamiji on the shashti spoorthi.

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