On 5th Oct 2016, JIVA Campus

At a press meet in JIVA today, In support to the call from Sri Narendra Modi ji, Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji calls for the support of Indian Army
With the current prevailing issues near the borders of Indian territory, the Indian Govt is taking tremendous actions to move the civilians living near the borders to a safer place and this is the time we being responsible citizens need to support the government. Please do save a small amount of expenditure of Diwali and Dassara towards Indian army. I’m contributing INR 10Lakhs for this.

While Sri Vajpayee ji was Prime Minister he tried to have many peaceful talks and got a bus service to Lahore and in return we got KARGIL war as a gift. 8 soldiers from our region(AP/TS) were killed during the war. Again when Sri Narendra Modi ji has become Prime Minister he tried to establish good relations and visited Pakistan. In return, we got Pak Uri Sector attacks.

And our brave Indian army has responded with Surgical Strikes. Remember the fact that today we are safe because of the Indian army. This is the hour of the need that every citizen has to respond. Those who think this is MY NATION then please support. We have to be united and it should also come from the leaders from all religions. We are one nation. We need everyone’s support for this. If we want to be safe then we need to energise the Indian army and for this, we all have to support. If we are able to contribute the little amount of Diwali and Dassara expenditure, which we are doing for fun, it’s a great contribution for rejuvenating the great Indian Army energy.

Vikasa Tarangini has pledged Rs. 10,00,000 for the benefit of our Jawans and their families. Gurukulam students ranging from 8 to 16 years old collectively donated Rs. 45,000 from their personal funds. Staff and administrators and others too chipped in. So far, the collection has come to Rs. 3,50,000.

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