Jai Srimannarayana!

HH Swamiji inaugurated Homeo Hostpital which was built by Smn. Dr. Pavuluri Krishna Chaoudari garu, the eminent Home Doctor in Hyderbad. Govada is his native place. He wanted to do something for his birth place, so he built a homeo hospital dedicated to public. On the request of Docter garu HH Swamiji came to Govada on 19th Feb.evening and inaugurated Homeo hospital.

Local M.L.A Sriman G. Ananda Babu garu, Smn. Raja Babu garu, M.L.A, Smn. A. Venkatrao garu, Smn. Dr. Basava Punnaiah garu, Smn. M. Venkata Subbaiah garu, Smn. Pavuluri Sivaramakrishna garu, Smn. P. Srimannarayana garu are also participated on this auspicious occasion and felt blessed.