HH Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji visited Abhaya Foundation Organisation on the request of Smn. Balachandra garu @ Ibrahim Patnam on 9.7.2015 afternoon and showered mangalasasanams. Smn. Balachandra garu, Abhaya Foundation founder and C.E.O invited HH Swamiji with Poorna Kumbham. Teachers and Students gathered there from 25 schools of Ibrahimpatnam. Ibrahimpatnam M.E.O also participated on this auspicious occasion. HH Swamiji inaugurated the Abhaya Foundation Sthupa in that premises. Later Neem and peepal saplings were planted by HH Swamiji in the Abhaya premises. Later Swamiji entered into Abhaya Hrudayam Hall and addressed teachers. HH Swamiji explained the glory of selfless service taking Hanuman, a best example from Ramayana. And also praised Smn. Balachandra garu and his wonderful efforts in serving society at large.
Afterwards HH Swamiji entered into Abhaya Acharanam Hall to bless almost 1000 students from Ibrahimpatnam mandal. Distributed prizes to winners in different faculties. Later HH Swamiji visited another building in Abhaya premises and blessed those who came to get trained in different vocational courses with help of Govt. D.R.D.A on behalf of Abhaya Foundation.
At last HH Swamiji visited Vinobhabhave Gosala which is near by Abhaya foundation and reached JIVA Campus in the evening.


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