2012 Dec 14, 15: Chennai, TN, India

HH Sri Swamiji arrived at chennai on 14th morning. There was a meeting between Sri Swamiji and Sriman K.Rosaiah, the Hon’ble governor of Tamil Nadu, regarding the Sahasrabdhi Celebrations of Bhagavat Ramanujacharya Swamy. Swamiji suggested to allot a place where Bhagavad Ramanujacharya Swamy’s statue can be carved on a mountain which may play the role of an inspirational center for generations to come. Sriman K.Rosaiah responded positively and promised to extend complete support in this regard.

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HH then visited the Cancer Institute(WIA)) Adyar, Chennai and blessed the patients there for a speedy recovery and healthy living. HH also had a formal meet with Smt.V.Shantiji, the Chairman of the Institute, and blessed her for her selfless and dedicated services there for past 54 years. The Institute is doing all its treatments at  a very optimal cost and sometimes for free too.  It was surprising to note that there were many people from Andhra Pradesh, who come here for treatment. They are provided free food throughout their stay. That may be the reason many victims of cancer are attracted towards this Institute. During this occasion, Sriman ANS Rajendraji and his brother Sriman Sriramji of  ANS Jewellers, Salem, members of JET, generously donated Rs. 20 lakhs to the Institute. It is heard that they have already donated Rs. 30 lakshs earlier.

The Telugu Department of Madras University and Srimad Ubhaya Vedanthacharya Peetham, Srirangam, jointly conducted an educative programme on the greatness of Bhagavad Ramanujacharya swamyji with regard to contributions of telugu poets towards Ramanujacharya Swamiji in the form of Kathas, Harikathas, Burra kathas,  Natakas, Natikas,  avadhanas etc. Sriman Dr. S.V. Rangaramanujacharya, the President of Acharya Peetham, and Sriman Dr. M.Sampath Kumar, the Head of Telugu Department of Madras University, jointly conducted the event.  Our JET chennai organised this event in Ethiraja Kalyana Nilayam on 13th & 14th of December.

14 scholars participated and submitted their papers on different topics and spoke on them. The program was inaugurated by HH Tridandi Ahobila Ramanuja Jeeyar Swamiji on 13th. HH Sri Tridandi Srimannarayana Ramanuja Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji was the chief guest for the valedictory function on 14th at 4 pm.

During his discourse, HH Chinna Jeeyar Swamy said that many feats were achieved  by the telugu scholars in various forms of literature, dedicated to Bhagavad Ramanujacharya Swamy. For any nation, unity can be achieved among the masses by inculcating either spirituality or patriotism. Religion plays the major role in promoting spirituality. There is no doubt that religion has created bloodshed, but it essentially promotes only peace and love. Interestingly in our vedic religioins, there was no bloodshed in the name of religion.  The only battles fought then were in the form of very interesting, powerful and intellectual debates and arguments.

In fact, that’s why the great scholars after the Ramanujacharya Swamy era, found that his concepts were very important and useful in bringing the society together. Hence, they adopted all the features in creating literature, as it was Ramanujacharya Swamiji who opened the temple doors for harijans 1000 yrs ago. He did his best even to accept muslims as a part of that temple activities, when he was at Melkote for 12 years.

While narrating the importance of telugu language, HH explained how the telugu language is very close to the Vedic Culture only next to Sanskrit. No other indian language has such depth as much as Telugu possesses. Thats why vast literature was created only in Telugu language. Even today, all forms of literature are available in Telugu alone. Avadhanas is one such example. HH said it is very appropriate to conduct such informative sangoshtis, seminars  by the Telugu Department of Madras University and Srimad Ubhaya Vedanthacharya Peetham, in the advent of Bhagavad Ramanuja Sahasrabdi, 2016.

The prize distribution for the annual competitions of Prajna Students in JET, Chennai, was held in the Ethiraja Kalyana Nilayam. Bhajans, Sloka chantings, quizes, elocutions and painting competitions were held during August as an annual event. 45 schoools and more than 1800 students participated and 400 students won prizes. Students were allowed to participate in more than one competetion and some students won as many as 6 prizes. Every year, 7 all rounder prizes are given to students, which are called Ya:muna:cha:rya Swa:my Award, Bhagavad Ra:ma:nuja:cha:rya Swa:my  Award, Manava:la Maha:muni Award, Ku:raththa:lwa:n Award, Pedda Jeeyar Swamy Award, TK Gopa:la:cha:rya Swa:my Award, and Kavirathna Gudimella Ra:ma:nuja:cha:rya Swa:my Award. Vya:sa Rolling Shield is awarded to the  school winning the most number of prizes. Parasara Rolling shield is awarded to the school sending the most number of participants. This year, both the rolling shield awards went to Padma Seshadri Bala Bhavan School, T.Nagar.

HH suggested that since the Sahasrabdi of Bhagavad Ra:ma:nuja:cha:rya Swa:mi, is approaching, his stho:thras should also be learnt and chanted every year.

During this occasion, Bangalore Vikasa Tarangini inaugurated their Prajna Brochure and Calendar for the year 2013.


During the day, HH participated in the Paramapadothsavam of Srimathi Late Lakshmikanthamma, the beloved mother of Sriman Chalapathi Rao garu, the treasurer of our Acharya Peetham in Chennai. HH also visited Kulapathi Balakrishna Joshi Gurukulam and blessed the children there. President of the Gurukulam Sriman Nadella Ranganatha Guptha, Sriman Vummidi Pramod, Smt. Pavithra Kishore and other members along with the Principal Smt. Meena Kumari received Sri Swamiji and showed the different activities of the school.

Swamiji, on the way to the Music Academy, visited Sriman Pathala Madhusudanji, who is going to celebrate his 70th birthday soon, and blessed his family. He is the brother of Sriman P.Niranjan, who is a senior member of our Organisation in Chennai.

HH then visited the Music Academy that has been conducting its Annual Music Festival since 112 years. This year, Unni Krishnan, a famous Carnatic Singer, received the Sangitha Kala Sarathy Award from HH. Sriman TK Murthy, a senior Mrudangam artist.

In his speech, Swamiji said that during the twilight of Dhanurmasam, Goda Devi also asked all the devotees to sing, along with all the instruments. Lord Krishna too, in Bhagavath Gi:tha, said “Sathatam kirthayantaha” explaining how the devotees spend their time singing the glory of the Lord with all instruments. What Lord Krishna in Bhagavath Gi:tha and Goda Devi in form of Thiruppa:vai, is being practiced by this sabha by encouraging various artists at Parthasarathy swamy sabha for the past 112 years.

This is one of the senior sabhas in Chennai which conduts such music concerts. It seems more than 135 similar concerts are organised every year during this period, in which, world famous Scholars come and participate and offer feasts to the audience. Sriman Mohan Parasaran, Sriman Vijay, Srimathi Gayarthri, Principal of music college, and other dignitaries participated and spoke during the occasion. HH offered mangalasasanams to all present at the event.

After satisfactorily concluding all the programmes, HH rushed to the airport. HH reached JIVA Ashram by 12 midnight and then proceeded to Nalgonda in the early hours of 16th to commence the Dhanurmasa Celebrations at Ramagiri Andal Sannidhi, Nalgonda.




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