We all have at some point in life lighted a candle or a deepam, Diya! You buy the wick, or make some at home with cotton. You also can make your own oil at home using peanuts or coconuts etc. You can also arrange for a clay Diya or one made from brass or silver. All these materials are bought or made by you. You will then need to arrange for a source of fire, such as match box and then light the wick dipped in oil. Just by placing all these materials together at a place is not enough. You will have to use your energy to strike the match and also make use of the source of energy within the match.

After lighting the Diya, it has now acquired two powers. The power to remove darkness and the power to burn! We are not the source of that power, are we? If you are the source and owner of the power in the Diya, it should be in your control. But, does it stop from burning your finger if you touch it?

Similarly, yes – you have gathered a stone or a metal, carved it into a shape of Rama or Krushna. But, you have given it two samskarams before it becomes the source of power. The two samskarams are the shape and the mantra as defined in Vedam.

Just like the Diya, the Deity now has two powers. The power burning your sins and the power of removing darkness of ignorance from within you. The Diya gives light to see external objects for the eye. The Deity gives light to the manas within you to see the eternal source of power.

God exists all around us. But the form and the name given to each object or being around us prohibits us from identifying the source of life, God within them or as them! For example: You can call yourself God because God is within you – but your form or the name or even the qualities you exhibit do not match with that of God. Whereas, the Deity has the form, name and the power that identifies God and therefore we have the comfort to continuously seek his guidance, watch his glory, be thankful for everything, request for clarifications or present our dilemma on anything etc. Therefore, Vigraham or Archa Murthi, the Deity form is absolutely God himself!

Vedam says, Ksharathmana:bhi:thade: deva e:ka:, God is only one, any other powers are his subjects working in his accord. That Supreme Power exists also as Deity, How fortunate are we to have access to that Supreme Power everyday right in our homes and in the temples of our towns! Believe in Him and experience the Bliss!

– From the discourse of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami at Kodanda Rama Temple, Patha Valluru

Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji appreciated the interest of Sri Saila ji, her son Tharak Sri Ram along with his wife and their friends and family for understanding the importance of the Deity form. Their efforts to have a better darsan of Uthsava Vigrahas in the Kodanda Rama Temple in their home town shall benefit the devotees, thereby the society.

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