JIVA Campus was filled with young children keenly interested in learning Vedic practices and ultimately getting initiated into Vedic learning through Upanayanam followed by Samasrayanam under the divine guidance of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami.

Upanayanam is a samskaram in the path towards acquiring true knowledge. A samskaram is that which gives us an ability to move forward by another step. Practicing what is taught in Upanayanam every day is necessary. Otherwise, it remains like a mirror that is never cleaned, losing the ability to show the real picture.

Today’s world and the influences from other cultures and traditions may attract you, make you want to ignore or even have no respect for these practises. Take part in everything you like, but stick to the roots. Can a plant flourish well leaving its roots? If you forget this fact, you are missing the most exclusive and the most crucial part of your identity and source to ultimate knowledge. Do not compromise on practising what your roots gave you, in terms of how you dress, what you eat, how you conduct your life, dos and donts!

– From the discourse of Swamiji on the day of Upanayanams and JIVA