Swamiji, Namaste! myself am a devotee of lord hanuman. i have been deeply influenced by the life and sayings of sri sramakrishna , but i treat him only as my guru. i cry for my lord quite a number of times , but i am still very much influenced by the external world . i have not yet got over my tamasic nature ! what is the way for me ? will i have to stay engrossed in this world ? am i ever going to get over my lower nature and proceed unrestricted towards the lord of my heart ? please suggest .

urs with deep regards


Jai Srimannarayana!

The world is such a great thing, which can drag any person, no matter whosoever he may be. When one is in this world, should go along with the things available. All that you need to relate them to your Lord,as they are provided by
Him and see how best you can relate them to Him. But while doing so, you must select possibly good things. Then try to feel the presence of your Lord always within you and taking care of you always. If you are not detached mentally with
Him, that is enough for Him to bring you up, from wherever you are.
Try and Try again to feel Him. OK!

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