Dear Sri Ramanuja Jeeyar,

Salutations to swamiji. Many people misinterpret “why women and sudras were not privileged to learn vedas”. Being a reseach student I can understand that vedic chantings would put stress on women’s uterus. What about women and sudra learning spiritual knowledge/ j~nana kAnda? Is it a must that one has to first learn purvam mimAmsa and then only uttara mimAmsa? Is it for this reason women were not allowed? What about the fourth varna/men? Are manu and yagnavalkya smrthis valid even now? I have read(don’t know how authentic the author and the contents)that yagnavalkya smrthi says “women should never be independent”. I humbly request HH to dispel my ignorance and shower his and Emperumanar’s grace on this alpa Jiva:tma.


Jai Srimannarayana!
Who said vedic knowledge could not be obtained by women and non-brahmins? One whoever is interested can get the vedic essence. The restriction is only to chant vedic manthras from the beginning to end. Because they involved with
intonation ie. Swaras. Manthra will not add any stress on the uterus of women. That is very un-scientific. As other wont perform Sandhyavandhan three time a day, they asked not to chant the manthras from ve:das. but they can always learn
the meaning and other details of the vedas and practise them. Smruthis are valied for all the ages. But howmuch you need to take from each, that is what one needs to understand. Every Smruthy has its own relevance.

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