Imagine you are in a classroom where teacher is speaking on a topic, and you are in your own world not paying attention to it. You are physically fully present but you are not connected to the teacher. So, you and the teacher are in the same room, you are under the basic supervision and protection of the teacher, but you and the teacher are not enjoying the session in together-mode!

Similarly, when you are ignorant of God’s power behind your existence – that means, you are away from him. You will still exist just like you existed in the classroom!

When you recognize, experience and relish God’s power in and around you, you are then with God all the time in all levels. The minute you forget his power, his presence, and his compassion, you are no longer in the same frequency as God thereby losing connection with God. Then, the question of ‘reaching’ God arises!

Nammalwar is a great devotee of God, why did he experience separation from God!? How did he become ignorant then?

The reason for Nammalwar’s state is slightly different. His love for God is so full and complete that his heart began to long for serving God through his physical body. This was not possible resulting in extreme sorrow. This extreme sorrow replaced the original togetherness with God from his heart. Thus, Nammalwar felt the separation from God!

But, did Nammalwar ever get to serve God through his physical body, such as: working for God, embracing God, talking to God etc?

When Nammalwar lived in the early years of current Kali Yuga, his experience with God is completely in his heart only. Not only for him, for anyone today – we can experience God in our thoughts.

If we can recollect, according to Vedam – God exists in Five Forms

  1. Para Swarupam – Unseen power that exists everywhere!
  2. Vyuha Swarupam – Form from which administration of the existence emanates!
  3. Vibhava Avataram – Form that choses a specific time and place to take birth in this world!
  4. Antharyami – Form that lives within you keeping you alive in the current body!
  5. Archa Rupam – Form that exists as a Deity to let you see him with naked eye!

Except in Vibhava and Archa forms, one cannot experience togetherness with the remaining forms through current physical body! That is why Nammalwar did not experience that bliss until after He reached the Paramapadam after his last pasuram where he could actually use his physical body to do what he intends to work with God!

– Excerpt from the Bhagavad Vishayam discourse of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami

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