Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji is a boon to the nation. Let us all support his drive to cleanse the nation, both internally and externally. Yoga has been an integral part of JIVA (Jeeyar Integrative Vedic Academy) since its inception. The campus is structured to encompass within everyone, a sense of pride in the culture and history of mankind. The base of any wisdom hails from Vedas. The Yoga sastra is aimed at allowing an individual to attain and maintain a structured way of life.

తస్మై రామనుజాచార్య నమ: పరమ యోగినే
యస్సృతి స్మృతి సూత్రాణామ్ అంతర్జ్వరం అసీశమత్

Let’s prostrate at the lotus feet of Ramanujacharya Swami, who is considered the greatest of yogis. He eliminated the inner fever by helping us understand the essence of Vedas, smruthis, and ithihasas. He blessed humanity with the greatest of the wisdom…

Let’s thank and adore great lineage of such sages of this Vedic land. They showed us the path to synchronise our intellect, mind, body, with our emotions. This path allows us to beautifully enjoy our life while focusing on a higher purpose, a purpose that is revealed by the teachings of such great gurus.


Imagine life to be a big giant wheel. If you do not fasten your seat belts, the ride will no longer give fun. You will end up facing intolerable consequences. These seat belts come from the Vedic wisdom our sages shared.

Let Yoga, a part of such Vedic wisdom, enable us all in fastening our seat belts to enjoy the beautiful ride of life.

– From the talk of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji
– 21 st June 2019, International Yoga Day

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