Haryana University invited and hosted the ever vibrant, Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami on the occasion of Convocation Ceremony for the class of 2018! Swamiji’s expert advice to the outgoing students is not only extremely valuable for the audience who were physically present, but also to everyone who wants to enjoy a peaceful life!

When you enter the mainstream of life after education, you might come across several decision making situations, challenges, and hardships. All of these will require more than IQ, they require Emotional Intelligence or Emotional Quotient. This means to be fully aware of the self, have regulation on yourself, be able to motivate yourself and people around you for walking in the right path, have empathy, and finally be intelligent about dealing with different types of people based on their attitude. While Emotional Quotient is key, it is also not enough! There is something called Adversity Quotient that is the ability to overcome or handle hurdles. You will need to keep moving ahead in times of critical hurdles or challenges by becoming a climber of a tree. This tree is the set of core principles.

Hanuman crossed the ocean to reach Lanka. It was not a simple effort. It required all three, IQ, EQ and AQ. He was reminded of his ability by Jambavan. There are people like Jambavan in your life, listen to them. He came across many hurdles, and temptations. None of those stopped him from moving ahead. He dealt with each hurdle and temptation by focusing on the goal. He motivated himself during the course and motivated people around him, such as Sitha Devi. She was about to end her life, but he advised her to give herself time till Rama comes across. He dealt with several people such as Vibheeshana, Ravana, Rakshasas etc. with appropriate attitude. An attitude that was right for him and for everyone around!

Vikramaditya, one who ruled Bharath and hailed from Rewadi is also an exemplary King who exhibited all these great traits.

वेदमनूत्व्याचार्योऽन्तेवासिनमनुशास्ति, सत्यं वद। घर्मं चर। स्वाध्यायान् मा प्रमदः।

Teachers instructed students of the study of Vedas to speak truth, abide by your dharma and never be idle in your endeavours. Truth is that you say which benefits everyone, not absolute utterance. Dharma is that which when practised not only keeps you and people around you happy in this life, but also in the upcoming times!

Step out and delve yourself into the making of a better world remembering the roots of your race, learnings from your past and teachings of great scholars and practitioners!

– From the talk of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami on the dais of Haryana University Convocation Ceremony!

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