We all recollect precious moments, sweet memories and bitter experiences from the past. When it comes to bitter experiences, a lot of personality development classes these days preach ‘live the current moment’ and ‘forget the past entirely’. Is it practical to forget past like it never happened? Or is it better to live the current moment to by accepting past as it is and frame the future you based on the learning from the past?

Elders recommend to not erase, but to evolve using your past.

Sri Rama’s life was a mix of all kinds of experiences in both extremes, love and war! Did he erase his past? No, He heard his past as a story sung by his kids, Lava and Kusa.

The way Sri Rama lead his life is exemplary. If one learns to interpret Ramayan through an acharya, His story translates to be the story of every man! One can check himself or herself to assess where in Ramayan do they fit. Let’s see how.

Do you wish to own everything that you like, even if it belongs to someone else? Do you give yourself fully to the benefit of others? Are you truly devoted to one person? Are you very lazy, sleepy and a big foodie? Are you in possession of someone for some benefit and wish you could come out of it? Have you been waiting for your lifetime to see someone? Are you jealous? Do you feel guilty and are waiting for someone to forgive you? Have you lived your entire life for giving your people the best? Are you very grateful to every little thing and every person you come across? If you have answered Yes to any of the questions, there is a character in Ramayan that you can relate to!

Ramayan is written in a way that it remains inspirational to everyone in future too, without compromising on the facts. Rama dealt with different situations that he came across in the most beautiful way. His life wasn’t straightforward and easy. He did not give up on values no matter how hard a situation he was put in. After aeons, one’s heart still drenches in deep emotional roller coaster ride thinking of Sri Rama Charitha. Chanting of Ramayan is therefore said to be auspicious for everyone irrespective of age, gender, race, religion, caste or creed because it is the story of a true human being.

That is why every 27 days, Divya Saketham celebrates the chanting of Valmiki Ramayan – 24000 slokas beautifully depicting the incidents of Rama’s life. It is said to reveal the essence of Vedam. After all, God took the form of a human being and therefore his story became the personification of Vedam! The chanting of this scripture begins on punarvasu and ends on the next punarvasu.

Just like one can locate precious gems by going deeper into ocean waters and share that joy with everyone, one can adorn oneself with beautiful qualities of Sri Rama and Sitha Devi and celebrate life every moment!

From the discourse of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji,

– 27th November 2018, Punarvasu!

On this day, Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji adorned the Deity of Sri Rama with a beautiful crown celebrating the Pattabhishekam chapter of Valmiki Ramayan. Sriman Varadanji submits his service through chanting Valmiki Ramayan every day at Divya Saketham.

The devotees gathered at Divya Saketham talked amongst themselves saying ‘It is so beautiful to witness our own Rama adorn the Deity of the then Rama Chandra!’