‘Iyyengar Yoga’ is a ubiquitous name for ‘Hatha Yoga’ which is a lifestyle adoptedbythe people across the world including many Hollywood, Bollywood stars and who’s who of celebrity community. TheIyengarin question is none other than Sri BellurKrishnamacharSundararajaIyengar from Bellur, Karnataka.

Sri B.K.S. Iyengar needs no introduction, as he was one of the pioneers in spreading Yoga to length and breadth of the world. But the one whom you should know about is, Sri T. Krishnamacharya who was the Guru of Sri. B.K.S Iyengar and is considered the ‘Father of the Modern Yoga’. He taught B.K.S. Iyengar those subtleties of Yoga, which laid cornerstone for the Iyengar Yoga that we see today.

What needs to be known is Sri T.Krishnamacharyawas a descendant of Sri Nathamuni. It was known that with a divine intervention of Nathamuni,  Krishnamacharya taught himself verses of Nathamuni’s lost work calledYoga Rahasya. Such was the glory of our Acharya.

Lakshmi NathaSamarambhaam,

Natha, Yamuna Madhyam

AsmadhacharyaParyantham, Vande Guru Paramparaam

‘Natha Yamuna Madhyamam’ , if it was not for Nathamuni, about 4000 versus of Alwar’s poems which were compiled in to NaalayiraDivyaPrabhandam, would have been lost to never see the light of the day.

He was one of the foremost of Acharyas, who established an order, leading to a culture and tradition that now is widely followed, respected and lived upon. After having known, the pioneering work done by Nathamuni with respect to Sri Vaishnava tradition, it is surely a delight to know that one of the healthiest lifestyle practice, Iyyengar Yoga’s seeds for sown by none other than SrimanNathamuni.  Sri NathamunigaLThiruvadigaLEsaraNam!

– From the teachings of Sri Sri ChinnaJeeyrSwamy on the occasion of Dhanurmasam(10th Day)