Dec 31st 2014 – Yuva Vikas & Vikas Tarangini, Jaggayyapeta
Jai Srimanarayana…!
With the inspiration words from Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji, Jaggayyapeta VT Yuva vikas has organised “Organ Donation Walkathon”. The walkathon started from Municipal office and proceeded to Nehru Check post, with all the local organisations taking part. At Various junctions through the Walk, Local M.L.A Sri Ram Taataya has delivered message to the participants and public, explaining the importance of organ donation, giving re-birth to the sufferers. Along with Local M.L.A Muncipal chair person Mr.Tanneru Nageswararao, Jist College incharge Mr.Gurram Subbarao, Lions Club members, Vasavi club members and Little Angles students has taken part and made the walk very successful. The walkathon was organized by Jaggayyapet Vikasatarangini incharge Sriram Vijayalakshmi and other members.

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