When you ask a 10 year old or younger, studying in a uptown school, about his ancestors, he would probably parrot talk about Darwin’s theory. That basically envisions human race developing from apes. That’s what most of us are imprinted upon and has become rule of thumb since ages, irrespective of what religion you belong to.

The practitioners of Sanathana Dharma should be delighted to know and realize that Our ancestors have celebrated identities and that we can be proud as peacocks when we talk about them.

This can be learnt from Jatayu- The Bird who came to the aid of Seetha when she was being abducted by Ravana.

When Jatayu was in a pool of blood chanting Rama’s name. Rama spots Jatayu and asks him who he was.

Jatayu- says He was the friend of Sri Rama’s father, The King Dasaradha. Rama then revers the bird and asks about its lineage

Jatayu in a sweet and soft tone,Jatayu talks about his Father and Sibling, Aruna and Sampati. Aruna, who was the first son of Vinata and Kasyapa Prajapathi, was the charioteer of Lord Surya. And his brother Garuda Alwar, who became Sri Maha Vishnu’s Mount. Kashyapa was in turn the son of Marichi, who was one of the Manasa Putras of Lord Brahma. Lord Brahma was in turn emerged in a Lotus from Nabham of Lord Sri Maha Vishnu.

Thus Jataayu proudly declares that he belongs to none other than Lord Sriman Narayana and his lineage is illustrious.
The point to be noted is that not many of us realize the fact that the human race and all the living beings on this earth belonged and emerged from Him and consider themselves as separate entities rather than take up the path reunite with him.

With the advent of Western Education and fast Globalization, its time The Humanity should learn a thing or two about their ancestors from the Bird that gave the Rama, the whereabouts of Sita.

-From the teachings of Sri Sri Sri Tridandi Chinna Jeeyar Swami