Patriotism when read in the thought of spirituality is defined that the world is one family. And thus patriotism takes a bigger form and would not just mean just love for your own country. Patriotism would now mean love for entire humanity and living in the world and contributing towards the welfare of all and not only our countrymen. When you love the entire humanity this also means love for your country as the world includes your own motherland as well.

A patriot has to be spiritualist, who understand the concept well. Hence a spiritual person has to be a patriot first. When patriotism and spiritual are seen different none can be achieved with the right purpose.

JIVA campus celebrates 73rd independence day

This is want the students in JIVA campus learn under the shade of the “Statue of equality” – Ramanujan Acharya. These are the great values taught for all the students from Netra, Gurukulam,Vedic, and JIMS by our HH Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji.

The students of JIVA campus have celebrated our 73rd independence day with great honor.
Netra NCC captains and principal of Nethra vidyalaya have escorted Swamiji to the dais with due respect.H H Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji, H H Ahobala Jeeyar Swamiji, Sriman Samudrala Venkata Ranga Ramanujacharya Swami, Sriman Nepal Krishnamacharya Swami, JIMS College Principal Sriman Rajendra Reddy and Netra College Principal Sriman Venugopal Reddy were invited on to the dais by Smt. Krishna Kumari, coordinator, Netra Vidyalaya.

The program started with Guruvandanam by Netra students. Later H H Swamiji hoisted the Indian National Flag. All the participants saluted the Indian national flag singing our National Anthem.

NCC cadets of NetraVidyalaya exhibited their expertise parade and saluted H H Swamiji. Netra students sang a heart warming patriotic song using musical instruments Tabla.

JIVA campus celebrates 73rd independence day

Prizes were distributed to the students of JIMS by H H Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji for their achievement in Academic & Co-curricular activities.

JIVA campus celebrates 73rd independence day
JIVA campus celebrates 73rd independence day
JIVA campus celebrates 73rd independence day

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