JIMS- Jeeyar Integrative Medical Sciences, running Hospital and Homeo Medical College , shamshabad under aegis of its founder HH Sri Tridandi Srimannarayana Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji has conducted an international “Think Tank meet” on 10th and 11th of August, organized at Novotel near airport Hyderabad. JIMS has taken up an initiative to conduct ultra modern research in Homeopathy system of medicine, as Homeo is being popularly used very effectively by many practising doctors around the world. “Think tank” of famous Scientists and research scholars from 14 countries who are highly experienced in this medical field have come to discuss on the subject of “A strategic paradigm for research in Homeopathy”.

The programme was well coordinated by JIMS Reasearch wing coordinator Dr. Naveen and JIMS Hospital coordinator Dr.Rita and their team under the chairmanship of Dr.Rameswara Rao. It was organized under the guidance of most eminent Homeo doctor in our country, leading force behind JIMS, Dr.Pavuluri Krishna Chowdary. On 9th August, all the dignitaries have visited JIVA Asram and the Ramanuja Sahasrabdi project that is under construction.

Jims Hospital -Dr Rita
JIMS Meeting Dr Naveen

They all were blessed by HH Sri Swamiji, who explained the spirit behind working of the institutions, to serve the humanity at large. Then the team of dignitaries visited JIMS college where all JIMS staff and students invited them with great fervour. HH Sri Swamiji graced the occasion. After messages by some of the dignitaries, an interactive session was conducted where medical students asked and cleared some of their technical doubts, from those scientists.

On 10th and 11th Aug an in-house conference was conducted as a series of sessions where all the scholars from around the globe have given presentations on technical and social aspects of Homeo medicine and also discussed various issues related to Homeo science and research.

The think tank discussed tech subjects as well as how homeo is used in other countries as compared to Indian scenario. Everyone felt that JIMS should play a major pioneering role to conduct extensive research in Homeo medical sciences.

Think Tank meet
Think Tank meet
Think Tank meet

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