Before we understand the answer to it, Put your hats of imagination and think for a second of the following:

Let us say, you earn money by working hard to support living for your family. One day, you went out to buy some groceries that can make ‘vada’, a deep fried Indian snack made of mainly urid dal. You buy all the necessary ingredients, do the over-night soaking and other preparation, wake up in the morning and grind it and then make small round-shaped dough. You fry those carefully controlling the flame and then take it off to serve for your loved ones. If the vada then gets up and shows off saying, ‘Look at myself, how great I look and how neatly fried am I, and look at my golden brown colour’. You clearly will get shocked, will know that it is something so unnatural for ‘vada’ and you will refrain yourself from eating it.

We are exactly the same as vada, except that vada has a body that has no ability to use knowledge and we have bodies that have ability to use our knowledge. Our knowledge should serve the purpose of realising the fact that ‘I am here in this way breathing, living and in such great company of acharyas and devotees because of God. It is his effort and I am his belonging. I want to be under the shade of his divine grace, enjoy his beautiful creation and serve my purpose.’ As long as we are in stable state with this knowledge, we can be assured that we are under the shade of his divine grace. While this knowledge is stable within us, we should then carry out our duties, be in the company of great devotees and gurus, surrender to God’s feet as an act of gratitude and submission. However, remember that all these activities act as a green light to the train run by God. Just because the green light is on, it does not mean that the train has to arrive immediately. So, we just wait happily that the grace of God will arrive and be in the company of his devotees and do our duties as a service to God. If one knows this, brahma nirva:na mruthcchathi, one can just wait happily for his grace.

This is exemplified in two situations in Srimad Ramayana:

Vibhishana Sarana:gathi (Vibhishana’s surrender) – Vibhishana realised that Sri Rama is the right person to approach, also gave up the company of Ravana, expressed clearly in words and action that he does not have any other means to be protected,  also conveyed that he was born as a brother to a cruel hearted person and so he is totally not fit of any grace, but has heart fully requested for taking him in. Rama agreed (after discussing with the team of va:nara:s) and from then on Vibhi:shana experienced the company of Sri Rama, what else can anyone ask for than sharing the talk, the walk and all other emotions with Rama !?

Bharatha Sarana:gathi (Bharatha’s surrender) – Bharatha wept so much and pleaded Sri Rama to come back and rule Ayodhya. He surrendered and apologized for the mistakes that his mother has done. He pleaded in every way possible and requested Rama to come back. He told Rama that the kingdom and himself, both are Rama’s subjects and one cannot rule over another. However, Rama did not agree to coming back until 14 years are complete. Until then, he had kept Bharatha waiting. Bharatha did not sit idle, he worked and worked and submitted himself and the kingdom back to Rama after 14 years. Rama did not wait a single minute after 14 exact years. Long time, but it had come!

So, do we run towards the train or wait for the train to come?

We surrender and we wait. But, while waiting – we do our duties as service to God and our acharyas as perfectly as we can! We love all his creation and work towards being a positive part of him and his creation. We adore every bit of his divine act on us and accept that is coming through. As every day passes by, we are happy to be getting closer and closer to him. When HE wishes that we receive his grace, it happens. That’s it. No other reason for why he chooses someone or when he showers his grace.