This year, Ma:rgasi:rsha ma:sam started on the 27th of November. Shall we try to understand what the transition from Ka:rthika ma:sam to Ma:rgasi:rsha ma:sam means to us?  [sira means head; marg means path, Ma:rgasi:rsha means best among the paths/ways]

What is this Greatest path? How is Ka:rthi:ka masam a gateway to it?

When one understands and implements the purpose of Ka:rthi:ka ma:sam, it becomes a gateway to the greatest path in liberation. Ka:rthi:ka ma:sam is divided into two halves.

Ka:rthi:ka Sukla Pa:dyami to Ka:rthi:ka Pournami

Karthika Shukla Padyami to Pournami

∗ One must light up a Deepam/Diya at home with the purpose of “seeing” God (an ultimate powerful yet the most compassionate power) as the source of our existence 
∗ This will enlighten oneself in leading life right way by overcoming weaknesses and strengthening required skills
∗ This will create right consciousness at physical, mental, intellectual and spiritual levels;

∗ This will develop love and submissiveness towards God
∗ This will let one utilize all the abilities given by God instead of being lazy or depending on others

 Karthika Pournami to Karthika Amavasya

∗ One must light up a Diya at temple with a purpose of “seeing” God everywhere else, the source of life for the collective community (not only for human beings, but also all other beings and nature)
∗ This will enlighten oneself in right way of living at collective level with all beings
∗ This will make one happy for anyone’s success instead of being angry and/or jealous
∗ This will automatically make one concerned for anyone’s suffering, and drives one to support one another

Kaarthikam to Maargasiram

When one realises God this way in the month of Ka:rthi:ka, the gates to the greatest path are then opened (path to liberation is elaborated) in the upcoming month, the Ma:rgasi:rsa.

Are we all ready to step into Ma:rgasi:rsha and travel with Goda Devi towards Krishna?

– From the discourse of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji
– Laksha Deepotsavam, November 25 th , 2019
– Amberpet

Swamiji added, “The vana bhojanam (gathering for a meal under the shade of trees) during this month is encouraged because the trees in this month emit radiance, thejas of nature in full-fledged form. The thejas in trees is known to be at its best state in this month. Rushis have recognised this. They advised a way to invite the same thejas into ourselves by cooking a meal under the shade of the trees. The meal must be taken in as a prasadam. Being grateful to the trees, one must keep the environment clean as they leave the place. Refrain from using any kind of plastic or any non degradable material”  

Harish rao with HH chinnajeeyar swamiji

Swamiji appreciated Sriman Harish Rao Ji, honourable Finance Minister of Telangana for taking time to follow and encourage good moral and ethical values. Swamiji also appreciated the organizing teams, Sri Vari Brahmana Seva Sangham and Vikasa Tarangini. Swamiji offered mangalasasanams to Sriman Venkatesh and Padma Ji for leading the event with Venkateswara Swami kalyanam followed by Deepotsavam.

Devagni Sharma ji bowed down to Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami and said, “The world is being beautifully lead by Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji through authentic time-tested means, as He practises and explains the essence of Vedas” 

Laksha Deepotsavam
Laksha Deepotsavam
Laksha Deepotsavam