Krushna was about 10 to 12 years of age. He invited all his friends, the gopikas of Brundavan to spend the beautiful magical full moon night of the Autumn season in the banks of Yamuna river. He played, sang and danced along with all of them.

Suddenly He disappeared from amongst them causing unbearable pain to every single gopika! Separation from Krushna caused intense agony. They could not spend a second away from Krushna and therefore began to search for him. However, their efforts were futile. They began to role-play all incidents since the birth of Krushna because that is the only activity that pacified them. However, it was only getting harder and harder to stay away from Krushna. They continued to weep. They retrospected their behaviour. They understood that they were being selfish and arrogant. The tears in such a huge volume began to erase such selfish attitude and arrogant behaviour. [This is so beautifully written in Bhagavatham, 10th skanda – 29th to 34th chapters – Raasa Panchadhyayi]

But, when exactly did they get selfish and behaved arrogant?

It was when Krushna initially began to play, sing and dance with all of them. Each one developed a sense of selfishness – wish to have Krushna just for oneself. Each one of them also developed arrogance because Krushna chose them. That is exactly when Krushna disappeared!!

But they truly longed for the company of Krushna. When one really wants Krushna, one of the natural outcomes is tears. By shedding tears and retrospecting their behaviour, they pushed down the arrogance and selfishness. Then, Krushna reappeared between them. He teaches to them that He is everywhere, and He is with everyone.

Krushna’s objective was to give them good knowledge so they lead their life peacefully and blissfully! He kept doing just that in many ways in his chosen place, the Brundavan. This was one of the sweetest incident and most renowned among scholars who delved themselves into that time in history and were mesmerised by the fortune of gopikas!

Brundavan was once upon a time only a land of thorny creeper plants called Pedalium murex (palleru kaayalu). But Krushna was a sweetheart, a heart with only tender thoughts and good intentions for everyone. Thus, as Parasara Maharshi said, అక్లిష్ట కర్మణా శుభేన మనసా ధ్యాతం , i.e. When a person with pure heart wishes for something, it just happens. So, when Krushna thought – let that land be filled with plenty of cows, so it was! Along with cows came the fertile land, followed by rains, men and women ready to rear the cattle, and the place filled with 5 lakh people! He then stepped into his chosen place, Brundavanam after having born at Madhura. Brundavanam was full of wealth and health with the yield from natural dairy products under the divine presence of Sri Krushna!

God’s form, Sri Krushna is a fully complete (paripurna) form! While each form has an objective to fulfil, the form of Krushna encapsulated everything that all other forms depicted and more. That is why it is called paripurna avatar!

May we all remember this night to be the night of pleasant togetherness with Krushna! The night which helps one realise that He is not only ours but also the one and only one controller and source of everyone and everything else! The night which Krushna chose to play, sing and dance with his beloved gopikas! The night when Krushna shared the aananda rasa, Himself to gopikas! The night that was not only relished by gopikas but also is talked about till date, i.e. for thousands of years!

Divya Saketham celebrated this event in the open air, under the beautiful moonlight… in the presence of great devotees… with laughter and wisdom, songs and dance, warm organic cow milk … and yummy prasadam!

– From the discourse of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami, 24th October, Saradpoornima 2018

Ahobila Jeeyar Swami

Our bodies are like the pots, the milk represents sattvic qualities resulting from the moonlight of acharya’s grace. May we all become as pleasant and as useful as the true elixir, amrutham, in the service of God through the divine rays of wisdom from acharya!

– Sri Ahobila Ramanuja Jeeyar Swamiji

Today, we are blessed with three chandras – Rama Chandra of Divya Saketham presiding as the deity in this Yaga saala. Aakasa Chandra in such a beautiful form. And above all Acharya Chandra as Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami with divine words of wisdom!

– Sri Devanatha Ramanuja Jeeyar Swami

Samudrala RangamacharyuluMoon generates the life source, water (it is called the unknown source of water – several experiments from rushis give us this knowledge). Whereas, Sun energises ones’ intellect. May all of us utilise today’s time to think of moonlight in that aspect and revitalise our life, prana shakti.

– Samudrala Venkata Rangaramanujacharya Swami

Tears are natural for a soul that craves the abode of God. It is evident in history with gopikas, nammalwar and many others!  ఈషాహై ఆనందావాతి, i.e. God gives happiness/bliss to the ones who seek him. He protects everyone out of compassion. However, He is by himself the true bliss (రసోవై సహ), which one can experience not with what He gives, but with Him alone!

– Sri Krushnamacharya Swami

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