It was the third day in the fight between Lakshman (brother of Rama) and Indrajith (son of Ravana). Lakshman tried to defeat Indrajith using different types of weaponry. All his efforts were futile. He then closed his eyes and chanted the following:

ధర్మాత్మా సత్యసంధస్చ రామో దాశరథిర్యది
పౌరుషేచా ప్రతిద్వంద్వ: శరైనమ్ జహి రావణిమ్

“I believe that Sri Rama Chandra is righteous, that His words always reveal truth. I believe that Rama’s efforts never go futile, that He is unbeatable. If my belief is true, then O arrow… bring this Ravan’s son down!”

The arrow hit the target. Indrajith collapsed to death. It became evident that the ability of the arrow did not rest in its physical strength alone, but in the words of Lakshman!

We can all chant this sloka before beginning a task and experience the way our abilities evolve as we begin working for a goal. The results will be amazing!

It was in 1984-1985 when Abu Dhabi was experiencing total scarcity of water. The government announced that everyone must pray at 11:30 am for 11 days seeking rain from God. People followed it sincerely. On the 11th day, it rained beautifully. This is a historical fact.

If one believes in God’s power and seek His refuge, God will show a way. On this day, it is important that you all pledge to come together and learn one sloka a day that describes such facts about God’s power and grace. Do not restrict your beautiful Chenna Kesava Swami temple to a place where you take theerth, prasad and leave. It should become a centre for learning more about God, and the ways to correct yourselves through the help of prayer.

Chenna Kesava Swami temple is a great temple because the name of the presiding Deity reflects His supreme authority [Kesava = controls and regulates the entire existence through Ka (Brahma) and Eesa (Rudra)], and His great characteristics (Chenna = gold like character)

క ఇతి బ్రహ్మణో నామ
ఈశోహం సర్వ దేహినామ్
అవాం తవాంగే సంభూతౌ
తస్మాత్ కేశవ నామవాన్

[Siva said, “Me and Brahma are born from you God, and therefore you are named ‘Kesava” -Scripture Mahabharath]

God’s administration consists of several departments. Two primary authoritative roles are filled by Bramha and Rudra (Siva) while the others take up different areas.

Examples of departments in God’s administration include and not limited to:

  • Varuna is the devatha who regulates the source of water
  • Vayu is the devatha who regulates the source of air
  • Agni is the devatha who regulates the source of fire (thejas)
  • Ashwini devathas regulate the health of all beings
  • Changes in nature are regulated by Rudra with 11 sub departments
  • Aditya devathas support the sustenance of all beings
  • Vasuvu devathas give necessary resources to all the departments

God gave birth to ‘Ka’(Brahma – who is seated in kamalam – lotus) from His navel. ‘Eesa’ (Rudra) took birth from Brahma’s forehead. That supreme power, God is referred to by Vedas as Narayana!

క్షరం ప్రధానమ్ అమ్రుతాక్షరం హర:
క్షరత్మానా ఈశతే దేవ ఏకహ
ఏకోవైహి నారయణ ఆతీత్

                      [Swethaswatara Upanishad states, the controller of nature and souls is Eesa, and that is Narayana]

– From the discourse of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami
– 9 th June 2019, Thotapally

Swamiji appreciated Sriman Harish Rao Garu for conducting himself as a man of great character. Swamiji said, “No matter what the situation is or who cared for him or not, He remains to be a people’s person”. Sriman Harish Rao ji invited Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami to Chenna Kesava Swami temple at Thotapally for sanctifying the renovated and re-consecrated divine space!

Lakshman’s success with Indrajith, the secret revealed!