Nammalwar says, “lightning in the sky is better than the body in this life!” (minnin nilayila mannuir aakkila…) Natural and immediate questions would be, “In what way is lightning better than body?”, “Isn’t span of lightning much shorter compared to the span of life in this body, how can lightning be better than body?”

Lightning does not leave us in a state of ignorance about its life span. Whereas life is a traitor and it makes us believe that we can plan for decades of future. Isn’t it? Don’t we spend almost all our life in this body planning and saving for future as if the life time is permanent? What causes this ignorance? It is the presumption that we have control over our body and our life.

If we really had control over our body and our life, we would all be multi-millionaires and choose to remain young and energetic forever, wouldn’t we? We are obviously not able to do it. Then, isn’t it important to know who or what controls this body and life?

Find out what or who controls the life!

Sama Veda says, It is ‘Sath’ (another name for the Supreme power, God meaning ‘one that exists forever’)

sade:va so:mya idamagramasi:th e:kame:va adviti:yam
so: ka:mayati bahusya:m sruja:myaha…

The root cause of the entire existence is ONE and only ONE (adviti:yam). This ONE entity then expands itself into multiple forms with absolutely no other external help. The original entity continues to exist even after having expanded into multiple forms. One may wonder, is that even possible to create something from an entity while keeping the original entity as is? Also, shouldn’t there be raw material to create multiple forms that are outside the original creator? Not necessarily. We can observe such abilities in one of the creatures within the existence, then why not in the creator!?

The Spider

A spider releases material from within itself and constructs a web like structure that serves it’s purpose. The raw material wasn’t acquired from any external source. The spider has the knowledge of constructing the web by itself, knowledge is it’s natural attribute. Even though knowledge and raw material are different from spider, they are still part of the spider. Spider is the CAUSE (kaaranam) and the resulting web along with the spider in it is the EFFECT (karyam). 


What can ‘Sath’ do for you?

It’s a fair question, right? Unless we know that something is beneficial to you, we may not see the point in understanding it. So, if the entire network that drives our life is in the hands of ‘Sath’, what do we do? Does this knowledge help us in anyway? Do we become more independent or will we have control over life because we now understand that the true owner/controller of our life is Sath?

Absolutely! This is where a right acharya can help a seeker. Just like a biology teacher teaches you about biological life, a mathematics teacher trains you in learning math, a spiritual teacher is essential in learning about Sath! A right acharya walks through the vast and rough streets of Vedic forest, and gives out the knowledge of the safest, shortest and the most secure path towards the essence of destiny, the Sath.   

Acharya gives the seeker an insight into the ultimate wealth of wisdom. This is the wisdom one must aspire for being born as a human being. This wisdom allows you to be aware of the network that drives your life! If you are successful in the quest of understanding the root cause of that network, you will then come into consensus with everything that is happening in the life! (A person who understands the seed can figure out the resulting plant/tree comprehensively, but not vice-versa. Right?)

You will now longer be travelling in the constant wheel of temporary happiness or sadness, you will be left with the most beautiful ‘positive perception on life resulting from the knowledge of ultimate truths, trust in and love for the source of life’! (from acharyas words: sukha-dukha nivruthi, anukula pravruthi)

It is only then you will lead a worthy life in this human body!

Acharyava:n Purusho: Veda:

For this reason, a complete human being is one who seeks the refuge of a right acharya!

Such acharya is not only great by the virtue of his wealth of wisdom, but he has hundreds of great jna:nis walking in his footsteps. Goda Devi describes such acharya (Nandagopa) in five instances as she elaborated the path to liberation in Thiruppavai. She refers to him as:

one who possesses Krishna (God) as an obedient son (Acharya has the authority to make recommendations that are promptly accepted by God – Pasuram 1)

one who is a leader (Acharya has the ability to lead any number of seekers with ease – Pasuram 16)

one who is a giver (Acharya’s compassion is always immeasurable, constantly showering the words of wisdom elevating any seeker –Pasuram 17)

one who is a fighter (Acharya fights and wins over all the hurdles himself first before speaking of them with the seekers – Pasuram 18)

one who has the illimitable wealth of wisdom (Acharya’s knowledge on every aspect is crystal clear, and he leads hundreds of other acharyas walking in his footsteps. All of them are qualified to uplift any seeker from current state to a better state – Pasuram 21)

A right acharya will have all the above five qualities. The richness of these qualities in an acharya gives the seeker all the required strength to overcome any challenge in understanding the true nature of self and the supreme.

Let’s seek refuge of such acharya, like Ramanujacharya and his lineage who is ready to share the ultimate wealth of wisdom with us all.

– From the discourse of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji
– Day 21 of Thiruppavai, 05 January 2020, Guntur

Watch Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji elaborate on the pasuram from Guntur!

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