At around 6:30pm on the 13th of September, in the midst of…..

  • flowers with fragrance of devotion
  • balloons with air of enthusiasm
  • hearts of devotees with reverence
  • rangoli depicting little feet that govern the existence
  • beautiful swing portraying the fun resulting from the art of balance
  • variety of prasadams illustrating all tastes that emerge from within him
  • bhajans with zeal of admiration
  • Songs sung out of elevated divine experience..

Above all, under the umbrella of wise and compassionate words of Sri Swamiji, Little Krushna appeared at Ashtakshari Kshethram in Badarinath. Swamiji’s presence lighted up the whole atmosphere with joy and divinity in everyone. As Swamiji explained avathara rahasyam, audience felt the bliss of the birth of the para thatvam (ultimate qualified entity), Sri Krushna!

Esteemed Jeeyar, Sri Ramachandrachari and distinguished scholar, Sri Krishnamacharya also shared their experience on the event. They talked about great secrets hidden in Krushna’s leelas as a child and how many alwars experienced the richness of Krushna thatvam!

Birth prayer (thaniyan) of Sri Krushna, the Krushnastakam and the Panchayudha Sthothram were chanted to meditate on the glory of Lord!

Swamiji in person served prasdam to about 500 pandas (the priests in Badarinath)

Swami distributed butter to the devotees, signifying the softness of heart that cannot wait to alleviate anyone in suffering…!

Photos of Krushnastami Celebrations at Badarinath

Photos of Krushnastami Celebrations at Divya Saketam

Photos of Krushnastami Celebrations at Seethanagaram

Photos of Krushnastami Celebrations at Rajamahendravaram


PaancharaatraAagama scriptures say the following as Janmaslokam of Sri Krushna:

సింహరాసే అతసీపక్షే రొహిణ్యాం అష్టమీతిథౌ |
చరమార్థ ప్రదాతారం కృష్ణం వందేజగద్గురుం ||

After the Sun enters into simharasi, during the Krushnapaksham, choose the day of Ashtami which meets the star of Rohini. By the time of Sun rise, the star should still prevail.This is defined to be the time of the birth of Sri Krushna, and is celebrated as Sri Jayanthi!

Some people celebrate it during the month of ‘Sravana’ on the ‘Bahula Ashtami’ day. However, the time of birth of Sri Krushna carried with it many elements and therefore we match all the elements such as star, day, paksham, month to find the exact time for the celebration!

As we celebrate the birth of Krushna, we celebrate the birth of real joy and love within our hearts because he is the only treasure who is capable of imparting in you a state of permanent bliss. He removes the darkness of ignorance through his radiating wisdom.

The form of Vishnu as Krushna has captivated hearts of millions of people. His only mantra

‘సర్వధర్మాన్ పరిత్యజ్యమాం ఏకం శరణం వ్రజ … అహంత్వా సర్వపాపేభ్యో మోక్ష ఇష్యామి మాశుచ:’

‘Leave the results of all your work to me, place the attachment with any object into rest with me. I will wipe the effect of all the sins that you may have gathered so far…!’ He gives you an ultimate abode of ‘moksham’. He waits for your heart to be ready for him, a heart such as that of Vidura’s who gets totally immersed into the perfect blend of ‘Supremacy’ and ‘Accessibility’ of Sri Krushna and without his knowledge offers him the peel of banana instead of the fruit! Krushna happily accepted the offering as he also was extremely immersed into the devotion (love) of Vidura towards him.

How hard is it love someone?! Especially, when that someone is in fact the true saviour and the true owner of all that exists, when that someone is the epitome of love! Let us delve into Krushnathatvam and enjoy the bliss! Happy Sri KrushnaJayanthi

—-DivyaSaketham, JIVA, Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami asram!

Divya Saketham celebrates Sri Jayanthi today at 6:00pm, and ‘utti kottadam’ (pinata) tomorrow at 4:00pm. We welcome everyone to join the celebration!’

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